Today's spoilers include shocking Doctor Who set pics. Plus Wolverine TV spots that highlight a previously overlooked character. Plus Lost/Smallville pics. Also: Avatar, Star Trek, They Came From Upstairs, Lost, Dollhouse, Stargate and Heroes spoilers.

Star Trek:

Spock is the first Vulcan ever to be accepted into Starfleet Academy. (Which seems odd. Wasn't there a whole Starfleet ship crewed by just Vulcans in the original series?) [Cinemablend]

They Came From Upstairs:

Josh Peck, who voices one of the alien invaders in this Ashley Tisdale vehicle, describes his character: "I play Sparks, an engineer. [He's] a little bit geeky but smart." [MTV]

X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

Here are a few TV spots that I think are new. Among other things, they showcase the crucial character of "wise old guy who brings Wolverine a cool jacket and then dies."


This James Cameron movie is about the future, and machines, and what happens when humans get ahead of themselves and take on bigger roles than our "mortality can sustain," says Zoe Saldana. And her character is on a planet that humans are inhabiting and "sort of ravaging." She's trying to protect her family and what belongs to them. [Sci Fi Wire]


Also, I'm not really sure if this counts as a spoiler, but Steven Soderbergh said Avatar is "the craziest shit ever." [Cinematical]

Doctor Who:

Judging from new set reports, Russell T. Davies' final story as show-runner will be understated and low-key. Just kidding! The show just filmed inside Cardiff City Hall, and apparently the scene required the presence of Captain Jack, a Slitheen, a Graske (the tiny alien who bothered the Doctor in the interactive TV game "Attack Of The Graske" and some other tie-ins), plus red and white aliens, monks, and a mysterious shrouded woman. Also, RTD's favorite actor, Russell Tovey (who played Midshipman Frame in "Voyage Of The Damned") was there, wearing a black military uniform. Pictures by the amazing Alun Vega and Scooty. [Planet Gallifrey]


Delayed gratification is overrated. The mysterious Alpha will be unmasked in this Friday's episode. Yay! [EW]


Among the crucial questions you'll get answers to in the season finale, are "How did Hurley get that guitar case that he brought on the Ajira flight to Guam?" But also, "How did Hurley get out of jail?" Also, we'll see Vincent the dog again — but while the fate of Bernard and Rose will be alluded to, we may not actually see Bernard and Rose in person. We'll also see the face of the four-toed statue, which Michael Emerson believes is Tawaret, goddess of childbirth. And the season finale's title, "The Incident," is a clue to the direction the show is moving in. It'll end with several major characters in jeopardy, until the final season begins in 2010. [TV Guide via Lyly Ford]


And the finale has a huge, massive twist, that's bigger than anythign we've seen so far, according to Yunjin Kim. Not that we should get our expectations up or anything. [Variety]

Jack's plan to "un-crash" Oceanic Flight 815 is not foolproof, sadly. But it doesn't lead to the deaths of everyone involved — just one person. And that death, though heartbreaking on the scale of Charlie's end, will one day seem necessary because it sets up a raft of amazing future storylines and brings closure to some other long-running stories. [E! Online]

And here are some pics from next week's Locke-and-Ben-heavy episode. [Doc Arzt]

Stargate Universe:

Michael Shanks only has a brief cameo in the first episode, he tells Sci Fi Wire. And don't expect to see him popping in again any time soon after that. Since the new show has such a different feel than earlier incarnations, it could be disruptive to see people turn up from old Stargates. [Sci Fi Wire]


The season finale is "magical," says Erica Durance — but I'm not sure if that means Zatanna will be back or not. Meanwhile, she says Lois' big fight in the finale is with another girl. And the deaths in the finale are heartbreaking and you'll be sitting there with your jaw open. [TV Guide]

Clark is sort of responsible for turning Davis into the Doomsday we know from the comics. And the events of the season finale turn everything he's worked for this season on its head. [TV Guide via SpoilerTV]

Here are some more pics from episode 8x20, "Beast." [OSCK]

And some pics from the season finale. [Kryptonsite]

The end of the season finale will include a special guest, who's going to cause tons of trouble next year, in the show's ninth (!) season. Also, the finale's big death will include a twist, but it doesn't involve anyone coming back from the dead. [EW]


The fact that Sylar was brainwashed into becoming Nathan Petrelli does not mean that we won't be seeing Zachary Quinto next fall. He'll be around. But the show will also introduce a mysterious and cool new villain. And Tracy's quest for revenge will drive the "Redemption" storyline throughout the fall. (Suddenly, a ninth season of Smallville sounds perfectly reasonable.) [EW]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.