New Star Trek TV spots include fresh moments of Kirk badassery. Also, Common talks Terminator Salvation, and Fringe pics include your first Nimoy sighting.Supernatural pics show Dean in paradise. Plus Caprica, Lost and Chuck spoilers.

Star Trek:

Here are three new TV spots. To be honest, only the third one (#11) seemed to have any new footage, but that's some bracing stuff. Including Kirk saying we've seen what Nero's weapon did to Vulcan, and Earth is next. Also, Pike says Kirk can go to Starfleet Academy and become an officer within four years, and Kirk says he'll do it in three. [TrekMovie]

Also, the scene where Kirk and Spock go at it on the Bridge is right out of "This Side Of Paradise" (although I'm just betting Kirk doesn't say anything about the "dog-faced boy.") Also, the perpetually underserviced Uhura is no longer underserviced, in more ways than one. (Nudge nudge.) The new Enterprise's engineering room looks like it's powering the Titanic, or a brewery. Oh, and Nimoy's Spock is Gandalf-ian. [TrekMovie]

Terminator Salvation:

Common says his character, Barnes, has a scene with Marcus Wright where Barnes isn't sure if Marcus is a man or a machine, and he lets out all his fury on Marcus. It gets very emotional. But he's not sure if it's still in the movie or not.


And it sounds like they were rewriting the script on the fly a lot during filming — Common says he was told he was about to film a scene where Barnes finds out his brother has been killed. Common replied that he didn't know Barnes had a brother — but by the time they filmed the scene, he wasn't Barnes' brother any more. That scene involves John Connor coming back from the front line and telling Barnes that their comrade didn't make it. And Barnes responds that if he died for a good reason, then that's the way it had to be.

Also, Moon Bloodgood says her infamous nude scene is in the rain, and involves her character being drawn to a man and feeling "lustful." We may still get to see a few bits of the scene, where her hand is covering her indecent bits. [Comic Book Resources]


Sasha Roiz, who plays Joseph Adama's brother Sam (aka Sam Adams, like the beer) will have an expanded role in the ongoing series. He's just been promoted from recurring character to regular character. [Hollywood Reporter]


In tonight's episode, we'll learn whether Ben's attack on Desmond was fatal, says Henry Ian Cusick. And he hints (but won't come out and say) that Desmond may have to travel back to the island to atone for leaving everyone there behind. And in tonight's episode, Sawyer is running around frustrated, trying to keep everything from unraveling. [SpoilersLost]


In the almost-inevitable second season (one episode has already been filmed, for accounting reasons), William Bell will hopefully have some scenes with Walter Bishop. And Nina will play a bigger role. We'll discover that Nina knows more than we've realized until now.[Sci Fi Wire]


Also, the final few episodes of the first season reveal tons of secrets the show had originally planned to hold back for another few years. We'll get the bottom of Harris, and discover more about Mr. Jones when he reappears. And as we mentioned, we'll find out why Olivia is so special, and why she was chosen for this gig. But don't assume Olivia has superpowers — she may just have abilities that we all possess, or she may be going crazy. Also, no matter how many episodes Leonard Nimoy does, William Bell will be a huge part of the show going forward. [E! Online]

Here are some pics from that season finale, including our first glimpse of Leonard Nimoy as William Bell. (Looking, not surprisingly, very much like Leonard Nimoy.) Olivia visits a crime scene, tries to put together a puzzle, and contemplates her next move. Meanwhile, Nina fights to stay alive. And Walter struggles to explain his past to Peter. [Fringe Television]


Here are some pics from the season finale, where Dean hangs out with the angels while Sam hangs out with Ruby. And is it just me, or is Dean in Heaven? (His own personal Heaven, which is full of burgers and beer?) [SFUniverse]


If the show gets a third season, don't worry that Chuck's new superpowers will change the dynamic of the show — he'll still be the underdog, says producer Josh Schwartz. And he'll go back to being the "asset," which means Sarah still can't date him. Hopefully, Scott Bakula would be back as Chuck's dad. But the return of Jeffster is a sure thing. Oh, and Bryce is really, really dead this time. [TV Guide]


And here are some pics from episode 2x10, "My Brother's Reaper." [Pizquita]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.