Lost promises real answers this week, while Heroes and Chuck are closing up shop. We've got clips from all three turning points, including Faraday's backstory. Plus spoilers, of course.


Chuck -
It's the big day for Awesome and Ellie, and now that everything has changed, can Chuck still manage to juggle a girlfriend, plus groomsman duties... plus the obligatory attempt on his life? The season finale will be on NBC at 8 PM.

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Chuck Clip

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Chuck Clip

Chuck Clip

Chuck Clip

Heroes -
Tonight Heroes season three sputters to a conclusion. The Petrelli clan is up in arms against eyebrow-tilting Sylar. Matt goes bonkers, and Hiro faints — because apparently his power has a strange side effect that we never knew about until now. After all, it's the finale, so why not? Anyone taking bets on which character will die? Heroes is on NBC at 9 PM.

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Join David Duchovny and an attractive redhead as they save the world from mysterious creatures.. wait, that sounds familiar... Evolution is on 3 PM at Cinemax.


Fringe -
How on Earth are they going to top the sexy girl-on-girl make-out session from last week? Simple: add a serial killer who murders his or her victims by draining out all of their spinal fluid. This. Sounds. Amazing. What bizarre things will Walter say this week? Fringe is on Fox at 9 PM.

Fringe Promo:

Reaper -
Sam gets a sexy Tutor (from his Satanic father) who teaches him about the Apocalypse, but the jokes on her — Sam's going to use his sexy man/boy prowess to seduce her into teaching him how to beat Satan (ooh the terrible irony). Also, this is possibly one of the best clips of the Devil I've ever seen because the Devil is pandering directly to me. I'll do whatever you say for that final gift, Dark Lord. Reaper is on the CW at 8 PM.

Reaper Clip:

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President Jack Nicholson's plans for diplomatic meetings with Martians lead to them attacking earth in a demented fashion. Mars Attacks at 12:30 AM on TBS.


Better Off Ted -
It's all about Veronica on this week's Better Off Ted. Turns out V isn't very likable, which is why we love her. So to boost company morale, she tries to become nice. Ted is on ABC at 8:30 PM.


Lost -
Dashing science genius Daniel Faraday finally teaches us all what the hell has been happening for the past five years... but he'd better hurry up, before the Dharma Initiative day of reckoning happens. Lost is on ABC at 9 PM.

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Lost Clip:

Lost Clip:

Lost Clip:

Mythbusters -
Those guys are at it again. This time they're trying to debunk all the myths about viral videos on YouTube, generated by the masses. Mythbusters is on the Discovery Channel at 9 PM.

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A psychic ex-cop investigates the serial killing of people found innocent of committing violent crimes, Final Move is on at 3:45 AM on the Syfy Channel.


Smallville -
Chloe is acting out again, but this time it's worse: she may be hiding an undead Davis. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Oliver get attacked by angry puppies. Why does Chloe's idiotic behavior continue to be rewarded with Sam Witwer loving? She should have been dead episodes ago. Smallville is on the CW at 8 PM.

Smallville Promo:
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Smallville Clip:

Supernatural -
Sam and Dean come face to face with the human vessel of Castiel (who's named Jimmy.) I'm not sure what to think about meeting Cassie without his super slick voice. Supernatural CW at 9 PM

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Supernatural Clip:


An Explorer, Professor Challenger, discovers a lost world where prehistoric creatures roam the land and brings a few back to London as souvenirs The Lost World is on at 6:45 AM at AMC.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is on at 10 OM on Cinemax. Harry and the gang begin the war on Lord Voldemort in the fifth of seven movies about the boy who lived.


No more Kings until June, because they're trying to kill it.


A Cold War secret military project houses a mysterious organism that thrives on light and energy and moves at light speed Living Hell is at 1 PM on the Syfy Channel.



Brendan Fraser continues his non-stop journeying through time and space, this time travelling to the earth's core to find his missing brother, Journey to the Center of the Earth, 2:30 PM at HBO.