Werewolf. Werewolf? There. What? There wolf, there Disaster!

Clearly Big Man Japan's biggest enemy is the same thing plaguing us all.

Well the Belgians created the creepiest thing evar. I guess it's the love child of the Feebles and Patch Adams or something, but it allowed me to get out this very important public service announcement which I lovingly dedicate to my Dutch wife who taught me that the only thing you need to hate a large group of people is a shared border.


I for one welcome our new robotic penguin overlords and offer my services for your propaganda machine.


I'm going to break from the norm just a little bit this week and start a new new little segment. You see I got started here by posting appropriate pictures in comment threads, which to be honest can be one of the most annoying things on the internet and is one step closer to the 4Chan-inization of society.
So, in the effort to keep things somewhat well designed and civilized I am designing premade images for you to use when words fail. This week, a handly Troll graphic. Don't feed the troll, just img src him with this poison pill the next time someone hops on a Blade Runner, or Dr. Who thread just to say they don't see what the fuss is all about and that it's really overrated, or that the Prequels were actually better than you old farts give them credit for, then watch him wither and die. So get out there and use this people. If it isn't overused and misused by the end of next week I will feel I failed. (ahem, I'd really love to see it used occasionally on a certain gaming site I know of)

Again, breaking from the norm here. Some Egghead over at Oxford thinks that we would have a tough time really communication with aliens we meet in a first contact. It inspired me to do this little cartoon. Sure it's a break from my usual photoshopperie, but whatever, I have a column and you don't so neener-neener.

New stills were released from JJ Abram's Star Trek and in one of them it seems Chekov has made a startling discovery

Alright friends, I'll see you all next week, same Dean time, same Dean channel.

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