The ever-reliable British tabloids are reporting that X-Files diva Gillian Anderson is set to join the cast of Doctor Who in 2010... playing a character I really thought was gone for good. Possibly true spoilers...

The Daily Express is reporting that Anderson will appear in new Doctor Matt Smith's first season, and she'll be playing The Rani, the Time Lady who crossed swords with the Doctor a couple of times in the 1980s. Originally played by Dynasty actor Kate O'Mara, the Rani was an amoral scientist who didn't care who got hurt by her crazy experiments. She wasn't actually evil, just morally challenged. And she needed a constant supply of human brain fluid to pay for her shiny Hot Topic outfits. Despite appearing in two of the worst 1980s stories, the Rani isn't intrinsically horrible, and could turn out to be a fun character if given a decent makeover - and a better actor, like Anderson.


The same source who told the Express the Rani is coming back also insisted the new production team, led by Steven Moffat, is eager to bring in tons of new villains. So which is it? [via DenOfGeek]