Who knew Teal'c could be such a cartoon cutie? We've got the exclusive first images of Teal'c, from the new animated Stargate maquette line.

The maquette is from the uber talented minds of Quantum Mechanix, who also created the Starship Enterprise models we showed you last week. And it's just the first of many Stargate figures coming your way. According to the artists,

Teal'c is sculpted as we first meet him in the Stargate SG-1 pilot episode Children of the Gods: First Prime of Apophis and deeply troubled by what he has seen and done in his god's name. That's why, when the humans of the Tau'ri (that's us Earthlings) arrive on the scene, Teal'c rejects a life of obedience to rebel against his master and all Goa'uld.

The Teal'c maquette comes posed in full armor and holding his Jaffa staff weapon, a look of defiance captured in this animation-style statue. He comes standing on a base that is a miniaturized, screen-accurate Stargate replica. Limited to just 1,000 pieces, the Teal'c maquette is hand-painted and hero-sized – standing over 9 inches tall.

Teal'c is going to retail for $89.95 in an edition of 1,000 and is about nine inches tall. I can't wait to see what they have in store for the rest of the crew.


For more information check out Quantum Mechanix, and make sure to check back for additional Stargate updates.