This week the ridiculous Terminator rip-off movie debuted its first trailer, making Ice Spiders look like a cinematic masterpiece in comparison. Also, more on Inhabited Island 2 and a robot lovers web series.

The Terminators

With the addition of one "s," Asylum Production Studios reaps the Terminator hype benefits. Sadly, their cylon-faced, terminator-bodied being is about the worst thing I've ever seen. The Terminators: robot warriors for people who demand less from their Sci Fi Channel Originals.

Inhabited Island 2

My golden haired Russian hero is back and pissed! Quiet Earth pointed out the latest TV spot for Inhabited Island 2. Maxim Kammerer, the aforementioned hero, crashlands on planet Saraksh, where the people of the planet are being unfairly treated by the Unknown Fathers. The second film picks up with Max fighting for justice on this alien planet.

Inhabited Island 2 tv spot

Human Condition
Finally take a look at the first episode for web series Human Condition, about looking for love in all the wrong robots. It's surprisingly pretty for a little webby, and has a nice little concept. I'd like to see what these guys could do with real funding and additional actors. The first episode is below.

condition:human Episode 1 from condition:human on Vimeo