Good to see Fox isn't letting up on their perpetual crapping on poor old Cyclops. A clawful of new Wolverine Origins stills shows young Scott Summers in some sort of mutant jail, looking like hell.

Poor Cyclops - he never gets a break. While fans were howling for more Wolverine, Fox doesn't give Scott Summers an inch of coolness or fun. Hell, they even killed him off half an hour into the last picture. Sure Cyclops is a boy scout, but seeing him helpless and bloodied in the stills for the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine flick feels like a continuation of Fox's anti-Scott campaign. Who knows: maybe he'll pull out in the end and save the day (doubtful as he does suck). But right now it looks like he gets yelled at in school, his glasses get stolen, and then he's thrown in jail and beaten up.

In other news, you MUST give Hugh Jackman massive credit for going all out on this Spanish TV show El Hormiguero. Say what you will about the new Wolverine film, Jackman is giving the international press circuit his all and we're reaping the benefits. Like this amazing video:

[Video via Filmonic]