A major science-fiction franchise is ready to reveal that an important character is a lesbian. Also, McG talks Terminator Salvation's ending, and Transformers game pics reveal a new threat. Plus Lost, Stargate, Survivors and Smallville.

Terminator Salvation:

Since Warner Bros. and the Halcyon Co. are already planning on Terminator 5, the new movie won't have a tidy ending, says McG:

The ending is indeed elliptical. And it challenges the audience. It's not a happy little bow of an ending at all. The ending is tough and requires reflection, and in some degrees it bifurcates the audience. You walk back to the car and one person thinks it means this, and the other person thinks it means that.

Are you ready to be bifurcated? (Is that where they rip the stem cells out of your neck?) [MTV]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Concept art for the video game gives a few more hints about how the big robot battles will look, and how those Constructicons will kick Autobot ass. And apparently Terminator Salvation isn't the only movie with a big machine called a Harvester: these pics show something called a Sun Harvester, which is also referenced in the spoilery kids' coloring book and the final issue of the prequel comic. Looks like Bumblebee checks out an inner-city construction site, and fights a Constructicon in Shanghai. And here are some screenshots from the game as well, showing Starscream in flight and Bumblebee attacking an unidentified purple robot. [Transformers Movie Chronicles and Kotaku]

X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

Some new pictures of Wolverine and Sabretooth showcase their mutant angst. [IESB]

Stargate Universe:

Apparently Ming-Na's character, Camille Wray, is a lesbian. The show put out a casting call for Sharon, a major guest star, who's 35 years old and Camille's "long-time partner." (I suppose it's just possible they mean Bridge partner.) She's described as "sensitive, soulful" and has "strong emotional scenes." And she may be a recurring character, in yet another sign that we'll be looking in at the folks left behind on Earth on a regular basis. [SpoilerTV]


In the next episode, "The Variable," Mrs. Hawking will explain her relationship to Charles Widmore. (Ooh.) And some characters we used to trust implicitly will make (even more) questionable decisions, which will lead to the major death that's inexorably coming towards us. [E! Online]


Poor old Caesar isn't even a major enough character to count as the "major-ish" death coming this season — let alone the major death. [EW]

The Survivors:

The second season of the BBC's remake of this 1970s post-apocalyptic classic may revisit the Doncaster Earth Centre, where it filmed the scenes involving Samantha Willis' settlement in season one, a producer tells the local paper. [Survivors BBC TV]


Here's the promo and a clip from next Monday's Sylar-tastic episode, "I Am Sylar":


Only a condom (or the lack of one?) will prevent Chuck and Sarah having sex in Monday's episode. Also the second wedding in the season finale is one that Chuck throws for someone he cares about. [EW]


Say the producers, Clark can't fly until he becomes Superman — he has to come to grips with his double life, and then he'll take to the skies. In the meantime, you'll see his leaps get flyer and flyer. Meanwhile, we'll see a lot more of Lois, and the show will never stop digging into what makes her tick. And "stay tuned" for more of Chloe as Watchtower. Chloe and Oliver will keep crossing paths, as their relationship evolves. The Chloe/Clark relationship will keep getting tested. And Green Arrow may team up with the red-blue blur, but with a surprising outcome. [TV Guide]


And here are some pics from episode 8x20, "Beast," airing April 30. Who built this fortress around Davis Bloome's heart? [OSCK]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.