Here's a shiny, spaceworthy look at the new U.S.S. Enterprise, courtesy of model company Quantum Mechanix. Paramount's "Enterprise Project" invited a ton of artists to take liberties with Starfleet's flagship. Want to see the results?

I love all of these bizarre remodelings of the Enterprise, posted at the movie's official web site. (There are more images there.) It reminds me of the weird Darth Vader mask customizations that artists did for a Star Wars event a couple of years ago. There's something awesome about taking such an iconic shape and making it your own, with weird add-ons. The smiley-faced Enterprise, with the Betty Page Vulcan babe, was created by Gizmodo's own Jesus Diaz. (And we featured a nice huge desktop pattern of that Betty Page Vulcan a while back.) [Enterprise Project, thanks to Kerim!]