Artist Mark Newport has learned how to keep all the superheroes warm in the winter, with his knitted super-onesies. But that's not all. They also make an important statement about masculinity. Gallery of yarns below!

Newport may have been making the gallery rounds for a little while (the batsuit is from 2005), but this is the first I've ever seen of these snuggly superhero uniforms. According to the Greg Kucera Gallery the exhibit

explores different facets of masculine identity and activity. Many of these works come about in response to the question, "How do I know how to be a man?" Some of the pieces examine role models from public arenas (football players, politicians, artists, servicemen, superheroes) while others address more personal ones (husbands, lovers, fathers). Many images are chosen for the activity they depict or the function they serve as either residue of an event or a collectable object. The images of strippers and pin-ups are chosen because they embody a voyeuristic function.