Today's spoilers include a new Star Trek video and some reviews. Dan Aykroyd talks Ghostbusters 3, and a Transformers villain is explained. There are tons of Doctor Who set pics. Plus Dollhouse, Fringe and Heroes.

Star Trek:

A new TV spot shows a bit more of the Kirk/cadets brawl, where they call him "Farm boy." Also, someone tells him he's captain now, but it sounds like he's only captain of a shuttle in that instance:

John Cho describes the new film: "It's a younger, more action-filled, more athletic version of "Star Trek," so, I think both camps will be happy." [Hollywood Today]

More on that: This film moves at a lightning-fast pace, hardly ever pausing for breath. Three years of Starfleet Academy is covered by a title card that reads "Three Years Later." From the moment McCoy smuggles an "academically suspended" Kirk aboard Pike's U.S.S. Enterprise, the film zooms forward, with the only pause being the meeting with Old Spock on the ice planet. The movie's final act suffers a bit from a "premature climax" and Nero is disposed of awfully quickly, plus Spock's final battle with Nero's drill is pretty forgettable. But at least Kirk gets a nice Indy moment, and the Enterprise does a good impression of the Millenium Falcon at the Battle of Yavin. [Empire Online]

As you'll know if you've read the comics, the villain Nero is pissed because Spock failed to prevent the destruction of Romulus, so he travels back in time and tries to kill Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew. And we glimpse the fact that Nero is in pain from the loss of his home planet.

Also, there are comic moments when Kirk tries to find out Uhura's first name. And Chekhov address the entire ship in his funny accent. Simon Pegg is used sparingly, but is hilarious. And we get to see Sulu "driving" the Enterprise, in addition to that big sword fight on Nero's drill. And McCoy is nervous and neurotic. [Cinefools]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

A toy box gives us a new hint about Megatron's role in the movie:

Trapped in the black, crushing depths of the sea, his mind inert in the grip of stasis lock, Megatron knew nothing of the desperate search mounted for his remains by the other Decepticons. When he was finally brought back online, their effort and sacrifice meant little to him. The only thing that had any meaning was revenge. He would have his vengeance against the human boy who cheated him of his prize, and he swore to celebrate over the smoking wreck of Optimus Prime.

[TF08 via IESB]

Ghostbusters 3:

Sigourney Weaver will be back, promises Dan Aykroyd. "We'll make that happen. There'll be a whole new generation that has to be trained. And that whole new generation will be led by an individual that you'll all love when you hear who it is, but I'm not going to tell you now. There will be lots of cadets, boys and girls, who'll be learning how to use the cyclotron, the accelerators, and the new stuff. The nuon splitter, the inter-planary interceptor, all these great tools they're going to have to flip from dimension to dimension. Anyway." [CHUD via ScreenRant]


On Friday, we showed you some pics from episode 11, "Briar Rose." Here's the official synopsis:

Ballard's investigation leads him to the agoraphobic designer of the Dollhouse (guest star Alan Tudyk), and the story of "Sleeping Beauty" foreshadows Echo's future, while allowing her to help a young girl deal with her traumatic past. Adelle goes to the attic in search of answers, while Alpha reveals himself and sets his game in motion.

So Echo's future is to become Sleeping Beauty? Is that how she survives into a post-apocalyptic world? [SpoilerTV]

Doctor Who:

Russell T. Davies says Bernard Cribbins is a "proper companion" for the Doctor in David Tennant's final two parter. But don't assume, just because people have glimpsed John Simm on set, that the Master will be back:

It's not quite as easy to guess what's happening as you think - there's nightmare sequences, and layers of fantasy, because the Doctor's coming to the end of his time. It's quite interesting to watch things being filmed, and think: 'Oh, I can see what that would look like...'

Also, even though all of the season finales before this have been huge and Earth-shattering, the stakes still get bigger in Tennant's final episode. And yet, they also get more personal. [Telegraph]


Now that we're warned that they may be deceiving, here are more set reports. One scene was filmed featuring Wilf wearing his holiday Reindeer hat, dancing to get the attention of a tour-bus for over-50 holidayers. The bus stops and he gets on. And June Whitfield was spotted on set, apparently playing Wilf's friend Henrietta Goodheart.

In another scene, Donna is getting married - yet again - to an unidentified actor. Wilf is there, and the Doctor and the TARDIS were also glimpsed, so maybe the Doctor crashes her wedding. Meanwhile, there's a scene in a back alley, between Donna and John Simm's Master. The master is carrying a mask, of a human with gray hair. Also in the scene are a guy wearing a boy tie and a white-haired man.

And the Doctor visits Sarah Jane Smith's home, at Bannerman Road. Luke is talking on his cell phone while hurrying across the street, and nearly gets run over. The Doctor pushes him out of the way in time. Luke realizes who the Doctor is, and they have a brief conversation before the Doctor walks away. Luke runs to fetch Sarah Jane, and they stand and watch the Doctor walk to the TARDIS. He turns to wave, and Sarah Jane cries.

(Pics and videos by Skarofighter2, Gabriel Strange, Alun_Vega, Scooty and others.) [Planet Gallifrey]


There's a "coming war," says actor Kirk Acevedo. And he's currently shooting a stand-alone episode for season two, which has a sort of "Ghost Whisperer" theme. [Fringe Television]


Here's the official description for the final episode of the season, "The Invisible Thread":

Nathan faces off against Sylar to keep him from meeting the President. Sylar has his own plans for his new partner. Meanwhile, Hiro learns that there are repercussions to regaining his ability. Elsewhere, Matt is forced to go to extraordinary lengths to protect his future with his family.

Also, an extra who was on set claims that he was part of a scene where HRG, Claire and the Petrellis are in a diner, watching Sylar talk on television about how he's going to meet the president and steer the country in the right direction. Claire asks how Sylar can do this, and HRG says he can take on many forms. Nathan says he started this and he's going to end it. Claire says "He's going to kill you!" and Peter says, "I'll go with you." Nathan runs out, followed by Peter. [Heroes Television]

And here's a trailer for the season's last few episodes:

Meanwhile, Matt Parkman will be like, "Daphne who?" Apparently, according to Greg Grunberg, when Matt gets back together with his ex-wife Janice, she'll realize that he's been thinking about her the entire time, and he really wants their relationship to work. So even though it may take a while, Matt and Janice will probably end up together. And meanwhile, Matt's discovery that he has a son will cause him to take an action in the final episode that he may regret for the rest of his life. [TV Guide]


In tonight's episode, Jill agrees to help Chuck track down his dad, so they go to a family reunion under cover as a couple, to meet her Uncle Bernie, the guy who recruited Jill into Fulcrum. And the episode ends with Chuck making a huge decision that affects not just the team, but how General Beckman sees the team. Meanwhile, fear not - by the end of the season, Sarah will get her chance with Chuck. [E! Online]


Here's the description for episode 9, "No Reaper Left Behind":

The Devil (Ray Wise) wants Sam (Bret Harrison) to begin his training to bring about the end of days so he sends him a tutor named Sally (guest star Simone Kessell). Sam decides to seduce Sally to get information from her about how to beat the Devil. Meanwhile, Nina (Jenny Wade) takes revenge on Ben (Rick Gonzalez) and Sock (Tyler Labine).



Here's the official synopsis for episode 8x20, "Beast":

DAVIS ASKS CHLOE TO LEAVE TOWN WITH HIM - Clark (Tom Welling) discovers that Davis (Sam Witwer) is still alive and confronts Chloe (Allison Mack) about protecting him. Oliver (Justin Hartley) discovers Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) breaking into Chloe's apartment, but things get rapidly worse after Davis jumps from the shadows and attacks both of them.


Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.