It's been ages since Eminem decided to insult us all with a sexist, homophobic, celebrity skewing, Star Trek-referencing rap video. Em and Dre put their best Trekker faces forward, and beam up to planet lesbian.

Oh dear - looks like Eminem has decided to don the Vulcan wig to attack Samantha Ronson's planet of stereotyped butch lesbians, and put the Vulcan nerve pinch on Uhura. But not before turning into a big-breasted Transformer and zapping most of his crew, in his penis shaped ship. Hooray easy targets and "controversial" material! Say what you will about Eminem's not-so-subtle style at least he tries to make fun of himself while the rest of the world files for an injunction. Some of the video is a little too obvious and easy, ridiculously immature, some of it's funny, and other parts are just trying to get a rise out of you. Regardless if it pisses you off or makes you laugh, you gotta love seeing Dr. Dre in a captain's uniform in the "We Made You" video whilst EM tells all the reality TV trash and over hyped celebs to suck on a wood chipper.

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