Today's spoilers include Ghostbusters 3 hints, and early Star Trek/Dragonball reviews. A Sarah Connor producer debunks a rumor. Revealing Doctor Who set pics! Plus Terminator Salvation, G.I. Joe, Torchwood, Lost, Caprica and Dollhouse. Spoiler parade!

Terminator Salvation:

Moon Bloodgood plays an A-10 pilot in this movie, which filmed a bunch of scenes in an Air Force hangar. [Air Force Link]

Star Trek:

Former IDW comics editor Andrew Steven Harris has read the script, and posted a non-spoiler review. In particular, the movie includes more defining moments for all the characters than a whole season of the TV show. And the characters are in constant jeopardy, and the action sequences are really cool and airborne. [Andrew Steven Harris via TrekWeb]

Dragonball Evolution:

Here's an early review from people who've seen it in England. A brief pre-credit sequence explains the Dragonball mythology, and then we see Goku being trained by his grandfather Gohan. And then on Goku's 18th birthday, he's given a Dragonball, one of only seven in the world. If you collect all seven, they summon a dragon and he grants your wish. Later that day, a tragedy changes Goku's life, and he goes on a quest to find all seven Dragonballs before Lord Piccolo, who wants to use them to destroy the world. He's helped by Bulma Briefs and the thief-with-a-heart-of-gold Yamcha, plus the slightly sleazy Master Roshi. Surprisingly, Lord Piccolo only gets six minutes' screen time total. Oh, and the review is pretty damning, despite coming from a site owned by a unit of Fox. [IGN]

G.I. Joe:

Snake Eyes doesn't talk, because star Channing Tatum and consultant Larry Hama insisted on a totally mute Snake Eyes. [MTV]

Ghostbusters 3:

The sequel, still in the scripting stage and probably a year away from production, is not connected to the "Ghostbusters go to Hell" premise the stars were kicking around in the 1990s, says Harold Ramis. The new premise is grounded and character-based, besides all the mythology stuff. [EW via ShockTillYouDrop]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

A few people have pointed me to this alleged leaked synopsis of the season finale, which is from the same site that posted that widely debunked cancellation rumor. Anyway, just to make sure, I asked producer Josh Friedman to confirm that this synopsis was totally fake, and he called it "absolute one hundred percent bullshit." So there ya go.

Doctor Who:

Fans observed some filming at former companion Donna Noble's house, in which Wilf, Donna and Sylvia all took part. Wilf was wearing reindeer horns at various points, walking towards the TARDIS. In another scene, Wilf was sitting on his doorstop looking sad, and the Doctor threw a rock to get his attention. Wilf comes over and says the Doctor can't park his TARDIS there, Donna will see it.


The Doctor says something like, "I lost him." And Wilf says Donna had a "funny turn" when she saw "the book." "The book" is apparently not the Journal Of Impossible Things, but another book, Fighting The Future by Joshua Naismith. (And Naismith is the guy who was falling to his knees as an alien spaceship landed, in the scenes shot last week.)

Wilf also accuses the Doctor of being a "chicken," and Wilf talks on the radio, apparently to UNIT. Finally, the Doctor gets in the TARDIS, and Wilf comes with him because he can't stay with Sylvia. Sylvia runs up to the TARDIS as it disappears, yelling, "Give him back! Give my father back!" And then the TARDIS is gone. Donna comes out and asks Sylvia why she's yelling at thin air again. And all of these pics are by the amazing Dorkslayer, and there are plenty more at the Forum link. [Doctor Who Forum and Planet Gallifrey]

Director James Strong talks "Planet Of The Dead": There aren't any old familiar faces popping up in this one. (Although then he seems to backtrack and say "Wait and see.") Also, Lee Evans plays Dr. Malcolm Taylor, a scientific advisor to UNIT. He's very much a heroic character, as well as being "rounded." [Den Of Geek]


SFX Magazine had some spoilers for this summer's five-part miniseries, "Children Of Earth." Some aliens attacked Earth in the 1960s, and Torchwood is the only surviving organization that knows anything about them. The government wants to cover up the truth about the aliens because it didn't share the truth with the rest of the world - so the government releases a "blank page" on Torchwood, as if to say the organization never existed. And the government sends Johnson (Liz May Brice) to dispose of them.


Clem (Paul Copley) survived an alien attack in the 1960s, which may be the same creatures as are attacking now. He's spent most of his life in psychiatric hospitals as a result, and he's the first person to realize the aliens are coming back. Mr. Frobisher (Peter Capaldi) is a civil servant who's expendable, and who has volunteered to go and communicate with the aliens, who are determined to wipe us out. [Torchwood.TV]


A totally anonymous source claims we'll be meeting a third Eloise Hawking, who's between the ages of the young and old Ellies we've met so far. [SpoilersLost]

The code word for the season finale's shocking twist has been chosen. It is... wait for it... "The Fork In The Outlet," suggested by fan Spindrift Beck. [Doc Arzt]


Here are some pics from the April 24 episode, "Haunted," where Echo is programmed with the personality of Adelle's dead friend. [The ODI]


The Adamas are new immigrants from a world whose inhabitants the Capricans refer to as "Dirt Eaters." And the pilot, coming to DVD April 21, just shows us the beginning of computer magnate Daniel Graystone's downward spiral. (And if you want to read a fairly negative review of the pilot, click the link.) [Salt Lake Tribune]


The show's next six episodes include some of the show's "greatest gross-outs," according to Joshua Jackson and John Noble. [Fringe Television]


President Worf is finally coming back! Here's the synopsis for the season finale, "An Invisible Thread":

Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) faces off against Sylar (Zachary Quinto) to keep him from meeting the President (guest star Michael Dorn). Sylar has his own plans for his new partner. Meanwhile, Hiro (Masi Oka) learns that there are repercussions to regaining his ability. Elsewhere, Matt (Greg Grunberg) is forced to go to extraordinary lengths to protect his future with his family.


Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.