Mutilated, tied up, and brought low, these action figures are the tattered remains of superheroes who tangled with supervillains and lost. Malaysian artist Olan Ventura has captured the true spirit of well-used action figures.

Ventura's work is currently on display in the Taksu Gallery in Kuala Lampur. He seems obsessed with the ways that humans use superheroes. These aren't the action figures or masks you see lined up tidily in a fan's display case: They've been used, sometimes abused, and they exude a kind of danger as a result. Somehow, Ventura's toy superheroes feel almost more intense and emotionally-charged than watching Dark Knight.

Of course, there's a bit of sly humor here too: One figure holds a Hulk mask over his crotch while a little man in a devil mask peeks at him. But the man in a Batman mask shooting himself manages to be both cartoony and horrifying.

via ToyCyte