A description of new G.I. Joe footage includes a rocket-launcher that shoots nanobots! Also, is a bizarre Dollhouse twist just an April Fools joke? Plus Transformers, Terminator Salvation, Lost and Heroes. Spoilers: a plot-twist downpayment!

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

We haven't had a toy spoiler in a while, so here's a new pic of a Megatron toy, supposedly from the movie. [TF08 via Seibertron]

G.I. Joe:

An extended trailer for this action-y movie showed at Showest. We see a medley of action scenes, including Snake Eyes jumping off a building. A voiceover by General Hawk (Dennis Quaid) talking about how the team technically doesn't exist, and when all else fails, they don't. Duke (Channing Tatum) says, "I want in." Then we see Duke and Ripcord (Marlon Wayans) chasing a Humvee through the streets of Paris, wearing their Accelerator suits. Then we see an Arab in the desert, who spies three shapes moving through the desert sands towards the Pit, the team's hidden base. Drillbits drill through the cliffs surrounding the base, and one of them opens to reveal the Baroness (Siena Miller) sitting on board the M.A.R.S. Mole Pod.


Then Destro (Christopher Eccleston) explains to Cobra Commander (Joseph Gordon Levitt) that M.A.R.S. Industries has developed killer nano-machines. A member of Cobra shoots a rocket launcher over a rooftop, where Duke and the Baronness see it fly overhead. The rocket hits the Eiffel Tower and unleashes the nano-machines, which eat away at the tower until it collapses into the Seine. Ripcord looks startled.

There are glimpses of Storm Shadow's fights with Snake Eyes, and Jonathan Pryce being the President. The same deadly nanobots hit the Joes' Firebat jet. And Duke and the Baroness fight on that rooftop as she yells that this only gets worse. She fires a rocket at him. And then that Humvee crashes into a train, followed by Duke and Ripcord, who crash through the train's windows. [Superhero Hype]

Terminator Salvation:

Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) is someone who has given up on humanity and is down on himself. But after he finds himself in a world of terrible hardship, he realizes that we can make great choices, and human life can be meaningful after all, says McG. [Mania]


Apparently an "April Fools" video which Fox uploaded (and then yanked soon afterwards) showed a prank on the set of an upcoming episode. And it looked like Paul Ballard, the former FBI agent, was acting as Echo's handler. WTF? [Whedonesque, thanks Meenal]


Here are some set photos from the season finale, "The Incident." Apparently there's a fight scene that leaves Sawyer bloody and battered. And "Young Charlotte" is there. More pics at the link! [Hawaii Weblog]

The big death coming up on Lost is not Penny. [E! Online]

In the finale, not only do we see more of the statue, we actually go inside the temple. And to go in, you have to get a little wet. Those scenes involve Richard, Jack and possibly Juliet.


Here's the official description of episode 3x23, "1961":

The haunting secrets of Angela Petrelli's past can't stay buried forever – As Nathan , Claire, Peter and H.R.G. help Angela uncover her past, she reveals the dark secrets that have haunted her for years. Meanwhile, Mohinder learns of his father's involvement in a long forgotten government operation.

And apparently Angela's sister, Alice, has weather control powers. Here are some pics from the episode. [Heroes Television]

Here's a sneak peek from Monday's episode:

Producer Bryan Fuller talks to Sci Fi Wire, and confirms once again that Tracy's not dead. (And apparently she wasn't supposed to be winking, she was supposed to blink, and a tear was supposed to roll down.) She'll be back in a huge way, and her story arc, going forward, will be about her attempt to regain her humanity and make up for her mistaken politics. Meanwhile, Matt retaliates against Danko in a "very interesting way." Sylar strikes at "the heart of HRG's life" in a way that causes things to unravel. And then in episode 3x24, "I Am Sylar," we get to the heart of Sylar's identity crisis. [Sci Fi Wire]


In the season finale, Sylar kills a regular character who's been on the show since season one. And it's permanent. [EW]