Today's spoilervana includes revealing set pics from Doctor Who, Lost and Fringe. Plus a Terminator Salvation set visit, Star Trek hints and Avatar's slogan. Also: Cowboys And Aliens, Dragonball, Astro Boy, Smallville and Heroes. Spoilers!

Star Trek:

Producer/co-writer Damon Lindelof says emphatically that the Next Generation cast do not appear in this movie at all. And he says the original series' theme music turns up in the movie only once, "at exactly the right time." (I wonder if it's just the little teaser tune that goes "dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum dah," or the whole part that goes "ohhhhhhhhhh wooooooooo." I bet just the former.) Oh, and since I somehow ended up with the wrong Youtube video for a while yesterday, here's the TV spot with baby Spock in it. Sorry about that - I could have sworn it was the right video when I saved it. [MTV]

Terminator Salvation:

A few details from a set visit. The movie's Huey helicopters are designed to look as though they were thrown together by straggling human survivors, out of scraps. John Connor's bedroom is a very utilitarian boxy room with an uncomfortable-looking bed, plus a stove and tons of ammo boxes. There's a jail cell and an "outpost." Plus the movie includes an "execution chamber" complete with straps to hold down the condemned person. (Is this where Marcus gets executed?) And there's crucial but dimly lit sequence, involving a Skynet attack, where flames shoot out of the floor, and John Connor is at the center of it. []


Apparently the tagline for James Cameron's 3-D motion-capture epic is "An All New World Awaits." OMG, it's a disaster! [Coming Soon]


The second movie is already in the works. What's it about? Ask star Justin Chatwin:

I know what they have in store for the second one and it's really cool! It's more in the vein of the Dragonball saga… it goes into other places, there's other characters, other fighters and there's a lot of action that is just really awesome. It actually goes more into Dragon Ball Z land and it's just really exciting. It goes into the whole legend of Dragonball.

[DB The Movie]

And James Marsters says he's signed for three Dragonball movies. Here's what he'd like to see in the second movie:

We'd pick up seven years after this story. Goku is fully a man. He has a son who is 7 years old, named Gohan, and Piccolo has transformed himself into a younger figure who's trying to take over the Earth. While he's doing that, these three other Saiyans show up-Raditz is the prime one-and in battle they kill Goku. Like in a lot of these stories, dying is not the end, but Goku leaves his son as the only Saiyan on Earth that can protect the planet. And he has one year to train.

[Sci Fi Wire]

Astro Boy:

Here's how Sterling Beaumon describes his character, Sludge:

Astro Boy [Highmore] is a son of Nicolas Cage's character [Dr. Tenma]. His actual son died, and he created a robot model. Sludge is Astro Boy's best friend. He does not have parents. He lives alone with his twin sister, played by Madeline Carroll, who was Annie on Lost. And he's a bit of a know-it-all.

[Sci Fi Wire]

Cowboys And Aliens:

This movie, based on the graphic novel by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley, is about an alien invasion that falls afoul of some cowboys and Apaches. It'll feel like a real Western movie that's interrupted by an alien invasion - which the cowboys don't have the vocabulary to talk about. [Sci Fi Wire]

Doctor Who:

So yes, as several commenters pointed out yesterday, Bernard Cribbins is already back as Wilf, the grandfather of Donna Noble. He was on set at Tredegar House, the home used as a location many times before, most recently in "The Next Doctor." And it looks like some kind of menace is attacking from the skies, driving people to their knees. Plus, who are those mysterious figures in riot gear with their faces covered? Who's the blonde woman? And what's up with those wreaths? (More pics at the second and third links.)
[Den Of Geek and ScootyBoy and Carolyn and Doctor Who Forum]

Also, rumor has it that season five will include absolutely nothing from the Russell T. Davies era - meaning no old companions, no Captain Jack, no other holdovers. But Sarah Jane Smith may turn up, as soon as the first episode, along with another familiar face from the 1970s. (Could it be connected to this silly report that Tom Baker is coming back with Elisabeth Sladen?) Also, Matt Smith's Doctor will need to use the TARDIS to help with his regeneration, and will have to rediscover himself all over again. And his new TARDIS set will be two to three times as large as the old one. All of this stuff should be accompanied with several salt mines worth of salt, of course. [Doctor Who Forum]


Even more rumors about the fifth season finale. Supposedly Sayid gets injured. And Jacob doesn't interact too long with Young Sawyer, he just acts as Sawyer's conscience, saying "I know what you did." And Jacob's Cabin will return. Grain of salt, etc. [The ODI]

Interesting plot synopsis for episode 5x13, "Some Like It Hoth":

Suspicions about a possible breach intensify after Ben is taken from the infirmary, and a reluctant Miles is forced to work with Hurley when he's asked to deliver an important package to a top Dharma official.

And note that the episode includes Dr. Pierre Chang, plus Lance Ho playing "Young Miles." [SpoilersLost]


Some new set photos, probably from the finale, reveal Richard Alpert on the beach. And Juliet is getting on a submarine. More pics at the link. [SpoilersLost]


The show was filming, probably for episode 19, "The Road Not Taken." Check out that weird charred dead body. Is there anything more spontaneous than human combustion? And could this be a crossover with Doctor Who's "Planet Of The Dead," which also features a charred corpse? More pics at the link. [Smoke In The City via Fringe Television]


Some new photos from episode 8x18, "Eternal." Davis is caged! [OSCK']


Here's the official description for episode 3x24, "I Am Sylar":

SYLAR'S NEW ABILITY BEGINS TO TAKE ITS TOLL ON HIM. Sylar continues his unusual partnership and begins to have an unexpected identity crisis. Hiro and Ando take measures toward bringing down Building 26. Meanwhile, Matt's new found fatherhood changes his priorities. Elsewhere, Nathan sets a plan in motion to right the wrongs of his government operation.

[Heroes Television]