Dexter's abusive bastard, Mark Pellegrino, will be turning up on Lost soon... and he's playing a character we've waited quite some time to meet. Spoilers aplenty, below.

According to EW, Pellegrino will turn up in the season finale, playing the mysterious Jacob. And Pellegrino is going to be turning up all over the place.


Rumor has it that Jacob meets Young Sawyer at Sawyer's mother's funeral, in a flashback.

Not only that, but fans spotted Pellegrino filming a scene where Jacob is sitting on a bench outside a building, reading a book. And then Locke falls eight storeys out a window, and lands behind him. People yell for help and call 911. Jacob calmly puts a bookmark in his book, and then walks slowly over to Locke's bloody, battered body and kneels next to him in the grass.

Another eagle-eyed fan also spotted someone who looked like Pellegrino on the scene during a new batch of filming of what appeared to be the death of Sayid's beloved Nadia. (More pics at the link.)

So rumor has it that Jacob is visiting our heroes at crucial points in their history. He's showing up at Sun and Jin's wedding, Sawyer's mom's funeral, Nadia's death and Locke's fall. What could it all mean?