Bumbling Swedish heroes and bored Canadian space captains round out the funny this week. Plus, a few IMAGINE film festival standouts on the newly announced line-up.

Kenny Starfighter: Kenny Begins
This Swedish comedy takes place in the Hero Galaxy Academy, where our anti-hero Kenny is a Hero-in-training. But of course, he's miserable at the occupation. Kenny's parents know this, and give him an ultimatum: finish Hero School or become a hairdresser. Things go haywire, and big Kenny ends up on our Earth and befriends local nerd Pontus. Unfortunately for them both, Pontus absorbs superpowers and now it's up to Kenny to protect him from space bounty hunters and bullies. It's chesseballtastic and I love it. We'll keep you updated on release dates, but as of right now it's only being released in Sweden.

Captain Coulier (Space Explorer)
This is the first time I've met a depressed captain in space. I've seen horny, stupid and angry, but I've never met a boss like Captain Coulier, someone so bored with their space existence that they take the fun out of lightspeed. Check out the entire short for Captain Coulier below.


Captain Coulier (space explorer) www.captaincoulier.com - watch more funny videos

Book Of Blood


First up from movies that I'm anxious to hear more about from the IMAGINE Film Festival is the Book Of Blood, based on Clive Barker's short stories. The festival synopsis is below, but we can't get over the picture above.

The dead have highways. Ghost trains and dream carriages run across the wasteland behind our lives. There are intersections. Sometimes, when the traffic gets heavy, that's where the world of the dead spills over into our world. Book of Blood is about such an intersection: a house where something evil once happened and where the dead now want to have their story heard. Psychic investigator Mary Florescu and medium Simon McNeal read the signs they find written on a very gruesome page.


From Inside

This post-apocalyptic tripped-out CG animation from John Bergin is devastatingly beautiful. In a bleak future, the main character Cee is juxtaposed against a crew of 2D CG renderings. Here is the full description from the festival.:

In the near future, highly pregnant Cee is travelling in a battered steam train through a bleak, post-apocalyptic landscape while mourning her lost husband. There are plenty of threats along the way: war, famine and frightening diseases are gunning for all living beings. Where is the journey headed?


IMAGINE Film Festival 2009 is held in Amsterdam during April 16th through the 25th.