Is it me or did this week go by quick as hell? Anyways to the DISASTER Mobile!

Well it's Sunday people! You know what that means...


Aside from having like, the most awesome name for a spaceship, the new Kazakh rocket also gave us a new frame of the famous Soviet Comic Strip Anton & Viktor about a man and his loving but contentious relationship with his dog.

Is it me, or does this film seem unusually dark and violent for a kids film? I mean, look at this screengrab from the trailer!

Well, it's been a week for the post coital red spinal glow to wear off and I think we've moved into the acceptance stage. But, National Geographic got all excited that they had Ron Moore reading an issue of their rag at the end of the episode to claim that Mitochondrial Eve was Hera... Uh huh. Well, thanks to Bill "I'm saying my final good-bye to my son even though I'm only taking a ship capable of traveling light years in a second a few hundred miles" Adama, here is what I think would have been a more appropriate National Geographic cover.

Ok... Just how terrible is Dragonball going to be?

Until next time my friends...

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