Did you pass out from dehydration after spending hours trying to figure out what an angel is? Well, you're in luck, because we've rounded up the news including black-market science, and the Black Freighter review.

Science Fiction's Greatest Stolen Ideas
Science fiction is literature of ideas - it's just that sometimes, those ideas are lifted from elsewhere. Some of the genre's greatest creators have gotten ripped off, or been accused of plagiarism.

Math To Build Another Solar System
Over the past four centuries, hundreds of particles have been orbiting each other in this pocket universe, leaving faint lines in their wakes.

Things I Won't Miss About BSG
I admit it; I was blown away by Battlestar Galactica's almost-perfect series finale. But that doesn't mean that there aren't some things that I won't miss about the show.

Family Guy's Star Trek Special Spurs Trekkie Debate
Family Guy Executive producer David Goodman geeked out over this week's Star Trek-centric episode, spilling details about Tasha Yar jokes, and the "is Kirk dead?" debate.

First Glimpse Of Doctor Who's Newest Bug-Eyed Monsters
The BBC promised that the Tritovore, the alien nasties who'll turn up in Doctor Who's Easter special, will rank up there with the Daleks and Cybermen.

Stephen Colbert Outsmarts NASA, Gets Personalized Room In Space Station
Stephen Colbert and his mob of fans helped clinch the final votes for naming NASA's brand new Space Station room, beating our favorite, "Serenity."

Black Market Body-Switching Tech from New Zealand
You know how time travel flicks can get really, really weird if they're done right? Nothing is weirder than Event 16, a movie about what's happening in Wellington today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

Black Freighter's Corpse Boat Sails Into Our Black Hearts
Watchmen's dark pirate comic-within-a-comic adaptation is out today. Trust us when we say, tacking on another 30 minutes for this part of Watchmen is absolutely worth its weight in buoyant dead bodies.

Star Wars Improves Classic Art
"The Death of Marat" is mesmerizing, but wouldn't it be even more striking if we replaced him with Greedo? Same for the Tarkin-inserted "American Gothic." We rounded up a few Star Wars-improved classics.