Lost's season finale, now filming, involves a plot twist so diabolical, there are a dozen different "code words" for it. But judging from new set pics, it'll be wet and well-armed. Spoilers definitely ahead.

Last year's finale had a gimmick code-named "Frozen Donkey Wheel" by producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof - which turned out to be a pretty close description of what we actually saw. According to a new podcast by Lindelof and Cuse, there are a number of different possible "code names" for the season five finale:

  • The Joop
  • Baby Diaper Covered In Barbeque Sauce
  • The Fifth Toe
  • The Exploding Pretzel Jar
  • The Twinkie
  • Jack Gets Pregnant
  • The Droids You're Looking For
  • The Hooded Leprechaun (Darlton feels this relates well to the actual final scene)
  • The Zombie Bake Sale
  • The Zeigarnik
  • Smokey's Dorm Room
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • The Fork in the Outlet

So there you go. Let's hope it's actually "The Droids You're Looking For." Meanwhile, these set pics show that the finale definitely involves yet another boat, and Kate, Sawyer and Juliet are all armed to the teeth. (More pics at the link, below.)

Meanwhile, EW's Michael Ausiello weighs in on the question of whether Juliet is a goner. Actor Elizabeth Mitchell has signed up for a "major role" in ABC's remake of the stealth alien invasion show V, which could mean she's leaving Lost. But a rep for ABC told Ausiello that the V role is only a "guest-starring" one. Which is exactly what they said about Cynthia Watros' role on another pilot while her character, Libby, was still on Lost. "Two months later, Watros' character Libby was pushing up daisies," notes Ausiello.


They'd better not kill off Juliet or I'm going to cut off a few more of their statue's toes.

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