Brian Murray's concept art helped launch a Green Lantern movie. But his other artwork includes this fantastic alien prison, for a David Twohy film... plus a far different reinvention of Star Trek than J.J. Abrams'.

We talked to Murray about his work, and he shared some of his ongoing projects with us. Here's a gallery of some of his work, past and present:

The amazing alien prison planet and alien warrior images come from a pitch package that Murray helped David Twohy (Chronicles Of Riddick) put together. According Murray, Twohy wrote a script

called "100 Days From Now", a remake of "The Great Escape", but with an alien occupation here on Earth. The "Alien Prison", "Alien Warrior", and "Alien Commandant" images are all part of that pitch that he sold to the studio for another director.

As far as Murray knows, that pitch has been shelved for now.

Meanwhile, Murray's no longer involved with the Green Lantern film, now that co-writer Greg Berlanti isn't on board to direct. (It's passed over to Casino Royale's Martin Campbell). Instead, Murray's working on Scott Derrickson's reimagining of Milton's Paradise Lost, with a script by Stuart Hazeltine. In case you missed them, here are those GL images again:

So what about that Star Trek poster, "To Boldly Go," featuring - of all people - Thomas Jane as Captain Kirk? That's not an actual movie pitch, it's just some art Murray created for fun, reimagining the franchise before J.J. Abrams' film even came about. He explains:

It really came about when I saw the ridiculous, but entertaining, "Deep Blue Sea" with Tom Jane and Sam Jackson (it features one of my favorite movie death scenes ever). Throughout Jane's performance in the lead role, I saw so much of William Shatner's Kirk from the TV series, short of the signature dramatic pauses, that I thought he'd be a perfect recast for Kirk, if a remake were to ever happen. So when I had some time between jobs, I thought I'd have some fun recasting the series for a new movie. I really like the thought of Ian McShane as McCoy, but I'm such a fan of his from Deadwood, I could cast him in anything.
You may have noticed the design of their tunics is a mix of DS9/Next Gen jackets with the Classic insignia as a comm badge and a classic tunic underneath. On the Enterprise, I used NCC-1701-A's body style but plated it with the more industrial texture of Archer's Enterprise.

There's also some nice Battlestar Galactica fan art.

There are also some images from Murray's pitch for a Superman Elseworlds comic, "Immortality Crisis," which he says is on DC Comics supremo Dan DiDio's desk right now.

And the images called "Sprout" and "Birth" are from a story called Cascade, which Murray has written up in pitch form. It's about a strange singing plant that sprouts up in the garden of Laura Shepard, a young woman who's just found out she's infertile. As the blossom grows, it eventually opens up to reveal a baby girl, named Cascade, or Cassy. Unfortunately, another family also receives a blossom, which gives birth to an evil child. Murray says he's just worked out a book deal with a major comics company for Cascade, but can't reveal any details yet.


Also on the horizon, besides the Paradise Lost thing, are some work for one of the CSI shows, and Monk.

You can see more of Murray's art, including some more concept art and fan art, over at his website. [Murray Studios]