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Leonard Nimoy talks Trek, while Roberto Orci talks Transformers. Also, there are mind-bending Doctor Who set pics. Plus Wolverine, Avatar, Monsters Versus Aliens, Lost, Torchwood, Fringe, Chuck and Heroes. Let spoilers usher in your week.

Star Trek:

Leonard Nimoy talks to SciFi Now, and explains that the Spock he plays in the new movie is not the same one he last played 17 years ago in Star Trek: TNG.

Spock has evolved in the sense that a lot of personal experiences have affected him. On the other hand, you've got Zachary Quinto coming into this movie, who is even slightly before the Spock I played in the original series. You're seeing him even before the place I was playing the character on the original series, and you're seeing me giving a performance that's totally after all of that. This movie contains a very broad spectrum of the Spock.


And Nimoy says he has a scene with Zachary Quinto that's a "mind twister." Also, he hints that he could come back as Old Spock in another film, if the producers wanted. [Trek Movie]

Also, Star Trek Magazine talks to designer Scott Chambliss, who explains the military transport shuttle has the air of a real military bus. "It's got the textures, it's got a little bit of peeling paint, the safety bars and the seatbelts that you just know makes sense in the world now, so will makes sense 200 years from now." Also, the Narada interior is "minimalist, with excessive detail, and brutalist." (No, I have no clue what that means.) And Spock's time-ship is called the Jellyfish. The containment field inside the Jellyfish is a "big red ball"; apparently every project Chambliss does with J.J. Abrams has to have a big red ball in it. [TrekMovie]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Co-writer Roberto Orci answered more fan questions. Apparently, it's not too far off to speculate that the Fallen enslaved the ancient Egyptians and forced them to build the pyramids, which are actually "space bridges." Very few Autobots can fly in the film. Also, the Fallen will have dialogue in the movie. And he hints that Leonard Nimoy might voice the Fallen, if Frank Welker doesn't do it. [TLAMB]


X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

It's been a couple of days since Ryan Reynolds tried to explain how the movie version of Deadpool relates to the comics version. In his latest interview, where he says the movie "really does trace the origins of the character. You really see his birth, his evolution from Wade Wilson to Deadpool, and really he is more or less the creature that becomes Deadpool later on, but we see his kind of, you know, humble beginnings." Probably the only time the words "humble" and "Deadpool" will ever share space in a sentence. [MTV]


Time Magazine saw a bit of 3-D footage from James Cameron's epic movie. The planet Pandora has a "lush jungle-aquatic environment" and includes a "nine foot tall blue, dappled dude." (Who abides. I'm just guessing.) [Time]


Monsters Versus Aliens:

Variety has an early review of Friday's animated 3-D smackdown. A few new details: apparently Derek (Paul Rudd), the weatherman that Susan is supposed to marry before she becomes giant, is a preening moron and Susan is lucky she's spared marriage to him. After she becomes giant, she's tied down like Gulliver and carted off.

The film focuses on Susan to the point that the other monsters often don't have much to do, and it becomes a "rote female-empowerment story." When Susan returns home for a brief visit, Derek summarily dumps her. And Susan does sexy James Bond-style silhouette gymnastics during the end credits, to appeal to male viewers.


The alien would-be invader, Gallaxhar, can create an army of identical clones of himself. The monsters must "creatively pool their talents" to defeat his army. Also, nobody dies in this movie, because it's utterly kid-friendly. [Variety]

Doctor Who:

We already mentioned that Jessica Hynes, who played the Doctor's girlfriend, Joan Redfern, when he became human, would be back in the final episodes of David Tennant's run. But now it's official, thanks to these set pics. But it's the present day, not pre-World War I England. And Hynes appears to be playing someone named Verity Newman (a play on Doctor Who's creators, who included Verity Lambert and Sydney Newman.) She's written a book called A Journal Of Impossible Things, apparently based on the journal the humanized Doctor left behind. (Note the pocket watch on the cover.) And she's doing a book signing, where the Doctor shows up to have words with her. The Doctor is stern but sad, then he turns and walks away. Photos by Alun.Vega, Scooty and ViveLeSteve. As always, you rule! [Planet Gallifrey and Den of Geek and SunnyTyler and TARDIS Newsroom]





Also, someone saw a trailer for the Easter special, "Planet Of The Dead," during a rugby match, and it included shots of London (Cardiff) and a desert planet (Dubai). And Christina (Michelle Ryan) doing a "Mission Impossible" style break in with wires and a harness, and then being chased by the cops. UNIT troops shoot at something after Col. Mogambo announces a "Code Red." A smoking, burned corpse appears in the tunnel. The Doctor and Christina are aboard the bus. And the Doctor, in another scene, asks Christina if she's ready. And a woman says "We're dead" over and over. [Planet Gallifrey]


The five-part miniseries allows for more character development and a larger canvas, says director Euros Lyn. Also, the story's crux, of every child on the planet stopping dead still, happens in the very first scene. [Comic Book Resources]



Here's the official description of episode 1x15, "Inner Child":

Just seconds before a building is demolished, a mysterious mute child that has been living alone underground is discovered. When the FBI's Fringe Division investigates, the boy forms an unspoken connection with Agent Olivia Dunham. Meanwhile, an especially gruesome serial killer resurfaces and showcases his "artistry" by displaying his work publicly. As the boy gradually assimilates into a new environment, Olivia and the team must race against the clock to prevent the mad man from further macabre.


And here are some pics from the episode. [Fringe Television]





Here's a pic of Daniel's Oxford PhD graduation, funny robe and all. [SpoilersLost]


Actor William Sanderson will be playing a Hunter S. Thompson-esque character in an upcoming episode. And here's our first glimpse of Sayed Badreya, playing Young Sayid. [SpoilersLost]

And apparently the show is shooting a big wedding in its season finale, which could be a major plot point. [E! Online]



Ryan McPartlin, who plays Captain Awesome, says his character gets more action at the end of the season. He gets worried about Chuck, so he starts following him around. He asks questions he shouldn't be asking and pokes his nose into places he shouldn't. And this leads to some "fun stuff" and some "emotional stuff." But we may have to wait until season three (if any) to see if Awesome gets thrown into Chuck's "other life." And stuff goes wrong (of course) with Awesome and Ellie's wedding. [Sci Fi Wire]

And here's a promo that includes footage from Chuck and Heroes:



Good news! IMDB says Christopher Eccleston will be back as Claude in the show's season finale, the appropriately titled "Invisible Thread." [SpoilerTV]

And here's the official description of episode 3x23, "1961":


As Nathan (Adrian Pasdar), Claire (Hayden Panettiere), Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) help Angela (Cristine Rose) uncover her past, she reveals the dark secrets that have haunted her for years. Meanwhile, Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) learns of his father's involvement in a long forgotten government operation.


[Heroes The Series]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.