Well, despite having more God Machines than the Pope's Garage and more loose ends than a Caprican Strip-club "YEEEEAAAHH!" I was pleased. So say we all? LAUNCH ALL DISASTERS!

Before we get started I have to let you all know that it has been discussed among the staff here and we are changing the name of this site because we felt that it attracts too many fat fucking nerds like YOU (you know who you are). So from hence forth welcome to...


Denzel, and Gary Oldman in one film!? Will there be any scenery left to chew?

Their previous sci-fi effort was a lot smaller in scale, but still looks interesting from this old flyer I found.

Word has it that on set egos and conflicts may lead to Hayden Panetierre leaving "Heroes" which I think is a brilliant idea because I think we're all ready for her to be launched into superstardom.

Her new film should do that nicely I think.

So, I was digging through some old files and found some old photoshopperie (with appropriate comments which I have italicized to show their oldness) I did when Battlestar was first announced. And can I say, boy was I on to something back then. Hollywood needs to stop remaking and changing things because it is ALWAYS a disaster as I think we have learned from this dumb-ass show. Though I will admit I was apparently very culturally insensitive at the time. I guess BSG, and all it's hippie namby pamby preaching, has had some effect on me.

First off, a girl Starbuck? Jesus, what's next? DISASTER!

Uh huh... I wonder how they'll explain a Daggit with their precious "realism".

Need I say more? Am I right, or am I right?

Oh, and finally, you wanna see just how far they're going to go with this liberal claptrap? Check this out.

I will drop the faux snark for a moment...

Have a good week friends, like Kara Thrace I'm outta h...