Today's spoilers include a ton of Dollhouse pics and plot twists. Plus clips from Sarah Connor and Smallville, plus tell-tale pics from K9, Lost, Heroes and Reaper. And Battlestar, Knowing, Thor and Thing spoilers


Not only is Kenneth Branagh pumped up to direct the Thunder God's saga, but he's also thinking about ways Thor connects to fellow Marvel heroes Iron Man and the Avengers, so his movie will properly tie in to the other Marvel films, according to Marvel's Joe Quesada. [MTV via Cinemablend]


You may have thought Nicolas Cage's main adversary in this movie was random scary number strings, or weird staring albinos, but according to Reuters, he's actually up against Mother Nature. [Reuters]


Also, a review in the Daily Herald gives away a ton of plot points. Nic Cage is John Koestler, an MIT professor who's still grieving for his recently departed wife, and who says things like, "Life is just a series of random acts and chemical mistakes." After his son Caleb gets a page of numbers from a 1959 time capsule, Koestler realizes it predicts every major disaster since 1959. "The numbers are the key to everything!" he says. A plane crash and subway disaster confirm it.

Meanwhile, little Caleb is receiving weird messages on his hearing aid from weird looking blond men who stand around the house looking like Matrix wannabes. Also hearing from the albinos is Abby, the grand-daughter of the girl who wrote down those numbers in 1959. Just when you think the movie is turning into a Biblical prophecy story, it darts into a different genre, which is foreshadowed by the fact that it's super hot for October, and there are weird flares on the surface of the sun. "How am I supposed to stop the end of the world?" shouts Koestler. But at least he gets religion, starts believing in the afterlife, and reconnects with his estranged pastor father. [Daily Herald]

The Thing:

Ronald D. Moore offers another smidgen of info about how his movie will connect up with the John Carpenter film. "We're telling the story of the Norwegian camp that found the Thing before the Kurt Russell group did, so it's very buried in the continuity [and] it's supposed to be the other story that you saw part of." [IGN]


More reports that Friday's episode is mind-bogglingly awesome and will restore your excitement about this series. Also, Joss Whedon spills some details. Like, the series' big love story is between Victor and Sierra, despite their mind-wiped status. Even for brain-erased Actives, it turns out love conquers all. Except it's never quite that simple. Meanwhile, we won't exactly find out in season one why Paul Ballard is so obsessed with the Dollhouse, but we will delve into his backstory a bit, before seeing him go forward. His obsession will become even more painful and disturbing. Also, Paul's cute manicotti-making neighbor is at the center of Friday's most disturbing scene.


As for Boyd, Echo's handler, he cares about Echo more than his job requires, and their relationship is going to have to shift. Meanwhile, in Friday's episode, a crime goes down inside the Dollhouse, and it's suddenly handy to have an ex-cop around. And finally, expect a lot more Amy Acker in the next few episodes as we discover how she came to "this fabulous career." [E! Online]

And remember how we said episode eight was about Echo, Victor and Sierra remembering who they are and mounting an escape attempt? Here are some pics. Including some shirtless Tahmoh. Rejoice! [SpoilerTV]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Here's the official synopsis for the season finale:

Born to Run: Fate is changed forever on the explosive season finale episode! The Connors come face-to-face with Weaver in a confrontation that shakes John to the core and changes his reality. Nothing will be the same.

And here are two awesome clips from tomorrow night's episode. Dude! [Fox]

Battlestar Galactica:

A few more snippets about "The Plan," the Cylon-centric TV movie which Edward James Olmos directed. Apparently, a big chunk of it takes place before the attacks. We follow the Cylons, especially Cavil, and find out why they did what they did. [E! Online]


Exactlly how silly will the Doctor's tin-dog former companion look in his new series? Really, really silly, judging from these promo images released for an international television content convention. [Wired]


Radzinsky will be in next week's episode, then miss the following two, and then he'll be in the final five episodes of the season. And he's got a really great character arc to play out. [Doc Arzt]

And here are some new pics from episode 5x10, "He's Our You." [SpoilersLost]


Here's a new trailer for the next three episodes, including our first glimpse of Lois in her superhero identity as Stiletto. [EW]

Also, John Schneider, Annette O'Toole and John Glover will be back for the flashback episode that deals with Davis' backstory. (The one with young Lex, I guess.) [EW]


Here are some promo pics from episode 3x21, "Into Asylum," showing Peter and Angela Petrelli holeing up in a church. Also, sources say Baby Matt is the heroes' "salvation," and he'll somehow cause Hiro to stop time once more. [The ODI]

Also, despite your fondest wishes, Claire will be back in season four, for sure. [EW]


Here's what happens in episode 2x20, "Chuck Vs. The First Kill":

After Chuck's father Steve (guest star Scott Bakula) is kidnapped by Fulcrum, Chuck learns the only chance he has to find him is by putting his trust and life into the hands of the person he trusts the least-his ex-girlfriend Jill Roberts (guest star Jordana Brewster). Meanwhile, the Buy More team tries to sabotage Emmett's (guest star Tony Hale) corporate evaluation.



Here's a ton of pics from episode 2x05, "I Want My Baby Back" and 2x06, "Underbelly". [Reapersite and SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.