We've been fans of David Nutter from his work on X-Files and Sarah Connor, so we're excited to learn he's attached to direct an Iron Man-esque cyborg story, Freemind. Details, and spoilers, below.

Nutter, as we mentioned last week, is known as the "pilot king" because the pilots he films have a high success rate in getting to series. He's worked on pretty much every great U.S. science fiction show that didn't have the word "star" in the title, over the past decade or so. And he directed the underrated gem Disturbing Behavior. Nutter was announced as the Freemind director at New York Comic Con, but Uslan and his producing partners Mark Rosen and Robert Keyghobad are still seeking funding and a studio distribution deal.

We talked to producer David Uslan, son of the legendary Batman producer Michael Uslan. David's struck out on his own and has a few projects in the works - including Freemind, based on a short-lived comic created by Bob Layton and David Michelinie. (Layton used to write many of the Valiant Comics titles, including Solar, and both men helped turn Tony Stark into an alcoholic in Iron Man: Demon In A Bottle.) Layton is currently writing for Marvel Comics again.

Freemind is about a quadriplegic super-genius who runs a huge tech company, not unlike Tony Stark. He wants to experience living a normal life, so he builds an android body that he can transfer his mind into, so he can bathe himself and go on dates and stuff. But he discovers that once he transfers his mind into the android body, he can suddenly use 100 percent of his mind's abilities, and this unlocks telepathic and telekinetic powers.


It's a very "character-driven" storyline, says Uslan. "It's a very non comic book comic book." Dante Harper, who's writing the screenplay for the Black Hole graphic novel adaptation for director David Fincher, is in line to write the script. Layton and Michelinie will be involved as well.

Nutter's already signed up to work with Steven Spielberg on The Pacific, a big HBO miniseries coming out next year. Meanwhile, Uslan and his partners are hoping to pitch Freemind to studios in a couple of months, once Nutter and Harper come up with a finished pitch.

Meanwhile, Uslan's also developing Kindergoth with co-producer Tommy Lynch. It's an adult-oriented animated series about pierced, tattooed kindergarteners who save the world from an alien invasion, based on the Bloodfire Studios comic. It's "as quirky and fun and cool as it comes," says Uslan. "If all goes well, it should be on TV sometime next year... We're in the middle of making the pitch now."

Uslan says other studios tried to buy the Kindergoth property from Bloodfire, but comics company understood that Uslan was a more comic-friendly producer, who tries to stay true to the premises of the comic, and keeps creators involved in any adaptation.

And then Uslan's also working on producing an adaptation of a photorealistic comic called Brielle and the Horror, about a girl who was born possessed by an evil spirit, and has to learn how to control it and make it work for her. Horrible things happened to her when she was young, and the horror emerges once again when she's at a new school. "Instead of your typical horror movie [like The Exorcist] the story is about how she learns to control this power within her," says Uslan. The comic's writers, the Barrel brothers, are also working on the movie script.