Crafty artist Kacey Wong set about building homeless shelters that were not only functional, but pleasing to the eye as well. Meet the Tin Man, and most likely our future shelters after the great fallout.

Kacey Wong took applied his artistic eye to a real problem: Where can the homeless live and sleep without building obtrusive shelters (that often get destroyed by the weather or others)? This is his answer to the problem, Tin Man #11. According to Dezeen:

Tin Man No.11 is an urban sleeping unit built on top of a moving trolley. It could be an attractive sculpture when parked on the pedestrian walkway. Standing vertically it looks like a tin robot; lying down, it transforms into a comfortable home with a bed, a desk and a chair.

But more importantly, Wong has started building the shacks we will all eventually have to carry on our backs when we make the great exodus to the middle of the continent. (You know, the part that hasn't been sullied by radiation or overrun by the mutant fish people.)