This werewolf-hunting scene has everything: the overzealous mayor, the cross-eyed lunatic, the growling sheriff, and the local landed-gentry lady who can't understand why everyone holds her brother's lyncathropy against him.

The 1972 TV movie Moon Of The Wolf is a lovely slice of Southern Gothic. I picked it up from the dollar DVD bin, without realizing it was made for TV, but it was still an excellent purchase. It feels a bit like a Rockford Files episode, except with all the supernatural stuff, plus the old founding family with the ancient house full of secrets. Not to mention, it stars David Janssen (Dr. Kimble from The Fugitive) as the town's gruff sheriff, who's determined to get to the truth no matter who he has to squint at.

In Wolf, Sheriff Whitaker has to investigate the murder of a young woman, and there are several suspects. There are the town's wild dogs, which the townspeople collect a hunting party to wipe out. (After which, the sheriff observes, they'll have nothing to talk about for the rest of their lives.) There's whoever got the girl pregnant. And then there's the town's founding family, the people she worked for as a maid - a family whose male relatives often have funny "spells." (And apparently being a werewolf also makes you ambidextrous, since most of the male relatives have that trait, too.) This being the early 70s, every man in the TV movie displays miles of chest hair, which reinforces the feeling that any of them could be the werewolf. And the dialogue is pretty great. Like the daughter of the local gentry, Louise, says at one point, "We really own this town, don't we?... It got drummed into me when I was little: 'You're FFL, child. First Family of Louisiana. Don't you ever forget it, child.' You know, I forgot it." [IMDB]