The brand new Crank High Voltage spot shows the not-dead-yet Chev Chelios sporting a robotic heart with the battery power of one hour. When the power's out, it's time to taste a power cable.

Jason Statham has one hour to live in this exclusive spot that can only be found at io9 right now…and it looks like he'll rub up against anything to stay alive.


I am so ready for Crank High Voltage to come out, we desperately need more Chev. I especially enjoyed the moment where our dear anti-hero is getting tasered by a group of cops and then proceeds to take down all five of them in one swift movement. Or is it Bai Ling running around in a bikini with guns? No, it's definitely getting glimpse of what I'm hoping is another segment of gettin' busy in public with the delightfully dirty Amy Smart.

Crank High Voltage opens April 17th.