A medical checkup may be as simple as getting into a sterile white "wellbeing capsule," for an immersive "diagnostic tool". The fact that it looks like a futuristic coffin is just a bonus.

The Ovei Wellbeing Capsule is part of a new exhibition of high-tech items that have been developed based on Formula 1 racing, at London's Science Museum. The makers of the Capsule needed to be able to keep the interior cool so all the diagnostic equipment inside can function at maximum efficiency. So designer Lee McCormack called on Formula 1 engineers to model the airflow inside the capsule. Also, the capsule's body shell was engineered as a "monocoque" structure, using strong but lightweight carbon fibre composites, which means it doesn't need any internal supports.


It's not clear exactly what diagnostic equipment they squeezed into this ungainly-looking pod. Or whether it can gather enough data for your doctor to avoid having to see you face-to-face and make awkward paper-gown smalltalk. But one thing's for sure: nobody will bother you while you're getting poked and prodded in there, since the thing appears to be modeled on Ovei's existing Isolation Chamber, designed to let rich people escape from the world for a while.