Spoilers include more on Arnie in Terminator 4, plus a glimpse of Destro in G.I. Joe. And a surprise twist in Knowing. Plus Battlestar, Lost, Doctor Who, Fringe, Chuck, Smallville, Heroes and Supernatural spoilers.

Terminator Salvation:

A new character toy poster reveals that John Connor will be really, really grim. And kinda grayscale. [Terminator Chronicles]

Also, Ryan from TheArnoldFans.com wrote to us and said Arnie's comments didn't actually rule out a brief cameo in the new film. The way Ryan interpreted Arnie's statement when he spoke to the Governor was that Arnie was initially reluctant to be involved in the film, and he still has the final say when the effects are done. But most likely, Arnold will be in the film for a cameo. There'll probably be a short of two of CG Arnold, possibly talking or possibly not. But either way, it'll be a surprise for fans, since they haven't promoted the movie as having Arnie in it.

G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra:

Some new toy pics reveal exactly what Destro is likely to look like, plus some of the film's other characters. More pics at the link. [GeekTyrant]


Director Alex Proyas says this film is like nothing you've seen before, although it shares some elements with his noir SF masterpiece Dark City. Proyas pushed the film away from its disaster-movie beginnings, towards a more science fictional version. [MTV]


Also, star Nic Cage says when his character, Professor Koestler, gets together with Diana (Rose Byrne), he's terrifying to her but she stick with him because he brings those tell-tale numbers. Diana's mother had "this calling and this ability," and "she was living with the curse, if you will, of feeling that she was going to die on that particular date." And then Koestler brings her the numbers, and "that's what brought her back." [Sci Fi Wire]

And it sounds as though these prophetic numbers, or some of the events they describe, may actually be connected to aliens. The ending turns into something "spiritual instead of scientific," says Byrne. [Sci Fi Wire]

Battlestar Galactica:

Because you frakkin' demanded it, I spent ages digging for BSG spoilers. As you already know, Crewman Specialist Prosna (who died in the original miniseries) and Zak Adama will both be back, probably in tomorrow night's episode. Also coming back, with a non-lawyerly role: Romo Lampkin. Also, there's at least one scene on Caprica next week, where President Roslin wades barefoot into a pool.


Also, in tomorrow night's episode, the Cylons blow a hole in deck 21 and enter the CIC, which is in really bad shape. Cavil gets inside the CIC. Also, Katee Sackhoff tells TV Guide they found Earth halfway through the season - and doesn't mention anything about finding a second Earth in the final episode. [Battlestar Wiki and BuddyTV and TV Guide via SpoilerTV]

Doctor Who:

The Radio Times (Britain's television listings magazine) uploaded a gallery of photos from the Easter special, "Planet Of The Dead." (Better known as, "the last new Who we'll get until Christmas.") [Radio Times via Kasterborous]


In addition to the semi-major character who's going to die in an upcoming episode, an actual major character will also bite the bullet. It's a series regular, who's beloved by many viewers, and it's not Kate. And it won't be undone via time travel or Locke-esque shenanigans. [E! Online and EW]

Fans spotted the filming of one scene where Locke carries a boar (on his shoulders) to Richard Alpert, who's camping in that primitive new encampment on the beach. (Which may be where the "hostiles" camp while they're waiting to overrun the Dharma people.) Also there: Ben, Sun and Juliette. Another fan saw the filming of a beach scene with Locke, Ben, Sun and Alpert, but no boar. Also filming a scene elsewhere: Sayid and new character Ilana. Also, a bakery was made up to look like someplace else, and there were two little girls there, one of whom was playing a young Kate Austen. More pics at the link. [Hawaii Weblog]

And TV Guide says the plan is still for Claire to come back as a series regular in season six. [TV Guide]


Peter's shady past will catch up with him, says producer Jeff Pinkner. In particular, the work he was doing in Iraq at the start of the series will have direct consequences to the Fringe team. And Olivia will learn more about the experiments she underwent as a child with the drug Cortexiphan. And she'll meet a guy who also went through the same experiments - but who can't control the dangerous results. [EW]


EW's Ausiello lists tons of stuff happening this spring, some of which we haven't mentioned before. In particular, Bryce will be back and so will the Awesomes. There are "multiple weddings." Morgan leaves the Buy More. And Chuck and Sarah "go further than they ever have before" (hopefully in opposite directions). [EW]


More hints that Chuck's dad (Scott Bakula) may be the mysterious "Orion," or at least may be connected to him/her. Also an old pal of Casey's will play a huge role in the game-changing finale. [TV Guide]


The "Fugitives" arc all kind of leads up to the next (Tracy-centric) episode, in a nice way, says writer Bryan Fuller. Tracy's arc has a really nice twist in it, and she ends the season in a "fantastic way." And it's absolutely not true that Ali Larter wants to leave the show - she's totally committed to the show, and vice versa. [EW]


I feel like Twitter spoilers are the new toy spoilers. David H. Lawrence, aka Doyle, Twittered to Greg Grunberg that he couldn't wait to see Grunberg in THE scene in next week's episode. And he added, "you and she are going down in history for it." Everyone's assuming "she" refers to Daphne. [SpoilerTV]

And here are some promo photos from "Cold Snap." [SpoilerTV]


The events of the season finale should please Lois fans and make up for the lack of Lois in some recent and upcoming episodes. Also, it's possible Lois will be one of the two big deaths at the end of the season. [TV Guide]


And here are some promo photos from episode 8x17, "Hex." Just how skanky will Zatanna look? [OSCK]


A huge death is coming up, says Misha Collins. And his character, the angel Castiel, will be a regular character in season five. We're most likely going to see Castiel flirting with the possibility of developing human emotion. In the meantime, towards the end of this season, we'll see Castiel get in a couple of fights where he either wins or holds his own. And we're going to meet Castiel's "angel boss." And we're going to meet the guy whose body Castiel possesses. [Sci Fi Wire and TV Guide]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.