March books bring with them... colonization. The fate of colonies seems to be a popular theme this time around, as we look at a couple of the notable books that are being released this month.

Coyote Horizon, Allen M Steele, March 3
The latest installment of the Coyote series picks up after the last novel, Coyote Frontier, where the colonists of Coyote have made contact with the alien hjadd, and have maintained relations with these ambassadors to a much larger universe. However, a former convict, Hawk Thompson (who's appeared in earlier Coyote stories), discovers something more about the hjadd - something that will change human history.

Journey into Space, Toby Litt, March 5 (UK)
Journey Into Space follows a generational colony ship, sent out to the stars to populate a different world, leaving behind a violent and chaotic earth. Given the distances, those who left will never see their new home, while their descendants will never know Earth. During the trip, two of the passengers, Auguste and Celeste, do the unthinkable: rebel, and lead a movement to change their destiny - one that they never asked for.


The Seeds of Earth, Michael Cobley, March 5 (UK)
Earth's first contact with extraterrestrials proves to be an invasion, overrunning the solar system. In an attempt to save the human race, three colony ships are sent out to seed other planets, including the world Darien, where humanity lives on with the scholarly, enigmatic Uvovo. Under the surface of the planet's moon, however, lurk secrets that go back to the earliest races in the galaxy. This looks to be the start of a series.

Firebirds Soaring: An Anthology of Original Speculative Fiction edited by Sharyn November March 5
This young-adult anthology, the third in the award-winning series, includes stories by Nancy Springer, Jane Yolen, Laurel Winter, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Louise Marley, Nick O'Donohue, Sherwood Smith, Ellen Klages, and Mike Dringenberg, co-creator of Sandman with Neil Gaiman.

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume Three, edited by Jonathan Strahan, March 15
Night Shade books will be releasing this book on the 15th, edited by Jonathan Strahan, and contains two dozen stories. Authors include Ted Chiang, Elizabeth Bear, Peter S. Beagle, Ian McDonald, Paolo Baciagalupi, Holly Black, John Kessel, Robert Reed, Stephen Baxter, Maureen McHugh and Kelly Link.

The Temporal Void, Peter F. Hamilton, March 24
This is the second book in the Void trilogy by Peter Hamilton, where a man with begins to dream of a fantastic world, one where humans possessed psychic powers within this microverse. Spawning a religion, the Living Dream, everything is changed by a second dreamer, which triggers war on a galactic level , and a handful of people, including Inigo - the first dreamer, and Araminta, the second, along with others, must work to save their world.

Star Wars: Outcast (Book 1, Fate of the Jedi), Aaron Allston, March 24
This book takes place shortly after the events of the Legacy of the Force series that saw Han and Leia Solo's son Jacen fall to the dark side and bring about another massive war. The Jedi fall out of public favor and Master Luke Skywalker, along with his son, Anakin, are exiled from the Jedi Order, and go on a journey to discover the reasons for Jacen's downfall.

The Warded Man, Peter Brett, March 10
This supernatural-ish tale depicts a society that is plagued with demons, once the darkness falls. Thousands of years ago, humanity found a way to stop the corelings, and society prospered, and this history passed to legend. But now, the corelings have returned, and a trio of heroes have to venture outside of the wards that protect them to discover their history and find a way to survive. This is Brett's first novel.