Maybe it's contrariness on the part of the comic book industry, but just as we change clocks and start thinking about spring, this week's comics are all about death and the undead. Wha' hoppen?

Let's go with the two non-death-related new books of the week first, shall we? GI Joe Movie Prequel: Duke is IDW's way of giving you a glimpse of this summer's toyline-come-explodo-movie a few months early, as well as filling in the blanks of Dennis Quaid's character's history before you hit the multiplex this August.


Less attached to a major motion picture - but arguably more fun - is Warren Ellis' Anna Mercury Volume 1: The Cutter, the first collection of self-styled "internet Jesus"' latest SF noir femme fatale as she breaks hearts, and into buildings, across the retro-future city.

Otherwise, it's all about deceasing this week. Batman's supposed death leads to many successors stepping forward in Batman: Battle for The Cowl (Our money's on Dick Grayson, but only because Tim Drake's a little bit too short right now).

Meanwhile, Resident Evil's kinda-undead also get their own DC comic book to infect the world with. Talking of infections, Marvel's The Stand adaptation not only gets a new series (American Nightmares), but the hardcover collection of the first series, Captain Trips... which is only going to be released in comic book stores, thanks to the weirdness of publisher licenses.

More familiar undeadities can be found in IDW's new Angel series, Blood and Trenches (a flashback to Angel's adventures during World War I) and Dynamite's new series Super Zombies, which lives up to its title by offering superheroes who happen to be zombies (It's written by io9 favorite Marc Guggenheim, and promises to be more fun than my snark suggests, if you're curious).

That said, the book we're looking forward to most this week may be the first issue of Super Human Resources, which I don't even have to explain, because they've created their very own trailer:

If your tastes demand a little more than any of the above, check out this week's shipping list to find something closer to your still-beating heart, and then find your nearest comic store via the Comic Shop Locator to know where to pick up the comics, whether alive or dead.