Not only do we now know that NBC's Heroes will continue for a fourth season, but we also know what the name of that season's first "volume" will be... but who does it refer to?

Heroes writer/producers Aon Coliete and Joe Pokaski told fans at Comic Book Resources the name of the show's fifth "volume" (Following season 1's "Genesis", season 2's "Generations" and the third season's "Villains" and "Fugitives"):

[C]urrently, it is called "Redemption." All we can tell you is that act five of our "Fugitives" finale will give you a look at what it will entail.

That last part's no surprise - the final act of the final episode from each volume to date has been the first chapter of the next volume, after all - but "Redemption" is a telling title, considering the way that the current volume is trying to set up moral shades of grey for almost all involved. Will we be seeing Nathan, HRG and other characters involved with the hunting of Heroes face up to their methods, Sylar going good (again), or Peter and pals dealing with the metaphorical blood on their hands from their somewhat substandard freedom-fighting techniques...? Or all of the above? You'll only have to wait until the end of this season next month for your first hint.

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