Zachary Quinto explains how physical Star Trek's Spock gets, plus actors spill Green Hornet, G.I. Joe, Battlestar and Witch Mountain secrets. Plus Lost/Heroes set pics. And major spoilers on Caprica, Torchwood, Smallville, Chuck and Supernatural.

Star Trek:

Spock was originally supposed to have a hand-to-hand fight with around six people in the movie, but it got changed to a gunfight, after actor Zachary Quinto had already learned all this martial-arts stuff. But at least he may do the Vulcan nerve pinch in the film, says Quinto. [Sci Fi Wire]

Terminator Salvation:

Here's a new still, which might be a trailer screencap, but is still pretty awesome. Bigger version at the link. [Shockya]

G.I. Joe:

Sienna Miller, who plays the Baroness, says you have to commit to a certain amount of over-acting to play a character like that. [Sci Fi Wire]

Green Hornet:

Star Seth Rogen says the movie focuses on the relationship between "two very different cats," the Green Hornet and Kato, and Kato is the one who does all the superheroic stuff. And it's an origin story, but not in the traditional sense. [IGN]

Race To Witch Mountain:

The movie's monster, Siphon, is totally real (not CG) and is badass, insists star Dwayne Johnson. Also, there are incredible car chases and "we get airborne" at one point. And Carla "Silk Spectre" Gugino has a cameo as an alien enthusiast, and other cameos include Whitley Streiber (Communion), William J. Birnes (UFO Hunters host), and the original Witch Mountain stars Kim Richards and Iake Eissinmann. [Times Leader]

Battlestar Galactica:

"More will be revealed" about Ellen and Tigh, and we'll see more of the love triangle between Ellen, Saul and Admiral Adama unspooling in the final episodes, says actor Kate Vernon. And she says the final episodes will leave you with lots of room to reimagine them yourself:

Ron and David don't tie things up nice and neat — the ending is like nothing you'd ever expect. I don't think all the fans could ever be satisfied by one ending, which is a good thing. So this way, they're be left going, "but, wait!" The minds of all the wonderful sci-fi fans will never stop working and journeying into their own ideas because of how the show has been built.

I think she means there will be lots of room for fanfic to explain what happened? [NY Post]


The Futon Critic scored an early look at the direct-to-DVD pilot for this Battlestar Galactica prequel series, which comes out in April before the show actually debuts on Sci Fi next year. No major plot developments that we haven't already reported, but the review does make it clear the first 15 minutes of the pilot feels more like a teen show from The WB era, rather than a prequel to BSG. But you eventually get sucked into the mystery of the monotheist group Soldiers Of The One (STO) and their role in the suicide bombing, and what exactly the dead-but-preserved-online Zoe Graystone is up to. Plus you'll get intrigued by all the social tensions between Capricans and Taurons, and the struggles of the dueling patriarchs, Daniel Graystone and Joseph Adama/Adams. [The Futon Critic]


Reports Yaz who's on honeymoon in Oahu: "Well today they are setting up a new camp. It looks similar to the old "others fake camp" but it's on the beach close to the losties origianl camp and nearby others camp with Clair's shack blown up." And here are some pics. (More at the link.) [SpoilersLost]

And here's what happens in the March 25 episode, "He's Our You":

Things begin to unravel when one of the survivors goes rogue and takes matters into their own hands — risking the lives of everyone on the island.

The prevailing theory is that the survivor who goes rogue is Sayid, since this is thought to be a Sayid-centric episode. And here are some promo pics. [The ODI]

And there's another casting call for the season finale. Young "Emily" is 10 years old, with brown hair and green eyes. She's willing to break the rules to get what she wants, but the red-haired, blue-eyed Young "Bob" (also 10) is more nervous about getting into trouble. And then we meet Mr. Springer, a rural business owner in his fifties, who worked hard to get where he is and provide for his family and can be a hard-ass if necessary. [SpoilersLost]


Director Euros Lyn gives away a few hints about the five-part miniseries "Children Of Earth":

For the first time, we'll see Torchwood facing a threat from home while they're also investigating an alien invasion. When they try to discover why all the children in the world have suddenly stopped at the same time, Torchwood also has to deal with human beings who are trying to hide a past mistake.

And he says it's a huge, epic story but also a very human one. And Lyn also directs the "amazing" final David Tennant story, which he says sets up the Matt Smith era perfectly. [Wired]


The entire cast did a scene together late at night, probably for the final episode ("An Invisible Thread") according to Twitter updates from Greg Grunberg and graphic novel writer Oliver Grigsby. But where are Brea Grant and Ali Larter in this group shot? [SpoilerTV]


Julie McNiven, aka Anna, will be in the last two episodes of the season. Also, Jim [Beaver, I guess], says on his MySpace page that he spent a whole day of filming getting hit in the head with a shotgun. [Dean_Sam]


Here are some photos from episode 2x16, "Chuck Vs. The Lethal Weapon." [ChuckTV]


In episode 8x21, "Injustice," Tess' gang of "meteor freaks" includes Bette/Plastique, Fallout, Voltage and Leech... who's a cocky skate punk. Leech "hoovers" Voltage's powers, but then Voltage is killed by an exploding head-chip. Tess' team has been sent to deal with "Godzilla" tearing up downtown, but Chloe wonders if anything Tess told them was true. Plastique says Tess kept her out of Belle Reve, and that's good enough for her. And Leech "hoovers" Clark's powers!


We discover that Oliver has Lex's kryptonite ring, and when Clark confronts Lex about having the ring, we discover Oliver took it from Lex when he killed him (in "Requiem.") Chloe seems to be working with the Injustice Gang, and doesn't seem like her normal self. And Oliver gives Clark something that may help vanquish Doomsday — a goal Tess seems to share. Tess gets hold of the Phantom Zone crystal.

Eventually Leech and the others break free from Tess' influence and say they're going to form their own League to help others. Leech and his friends are going to kill Tess, but the powerless Clark tries to stop them. Oliver attacks Leech with the Kryptonite ring, and Leech is in horrible agony, until he transfers the powers back to Clark. Clark is totally Tess' hero now.

Also, in the season finale, there are more guest heroes, probably some version of the Justice League rather than the Legion. A new set is being built for these guest stars. [KryptonSite and SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.