Vampire Lincoln is exactly the way I like my men: a bit of a perv, accompanied by an evil horde of Buffy rip-offs. Enjoy the short, one hairy Kaiju and my Russian boyfriend's back.

The Transient
Student film The Transient follows a hobo hero who fights zombies and VAMPIRE LINCOLN, who is kind of a dick to his Spike vampire rip off, but we love him anyway. Here's the official synopsis:

Filmed in Champaign-Urbana Illinois, THE TRANSIENT is the story of a homeless vigilante and his case worker, Steve, as they try to thwart Vampire Abraham Lincoln and his gang of 1980's punks from sucking the blood of four-score and seven virgins.

The entire movie is here, but I'm going to use this grab of Lincoln teasing the tied up ladies as a screen saver.

Rat Scratch Fever
We've shown you stills from Rat Scratch Fever, so now check out the next trailer for these hairy beasties that want to take over the world... starting with your apartment.

Chohatsu Daikaiju Gehara:

Vampire Lincoln Loves The Ladies, A Filthy Kaiju And Inhabited Island 2

The wonderful horror fiends at Bloody Disgusting have pointed our attention at a fuzzy wuzzy Godzilla-like creature called the Gehera. It's a short film about a hairy monster (who sadly is in dire need of some Rogaine for his noggin) that unleashes chaos on a city.

Inhabited Island 2
And finally it's no secret that I'm in LOVE with the lost in space Russian astronaut, those eyes my god those eyes. Well the first Inhabited Island flick, based off the novel from the Strugatsky brothers, came and went without too much hub-bub (and we're still awaiting the international release). But the teaser trailer for the second film (with the supposed all out war scenario between the curly-headed hero and the evil government) is out. Take a peek, not enough Maxim Kammerer for my taste, but god, willing there will be more.