It may be March, but that still counts as the start of the year, right? Let's take a look at what movies, television, and books have predicted for us in the days to come...


Freejack (1992)
According to Wikipedia:

In the polluted, dystopian year 2009, the super-wealthy achieve immortality by hiring "bonejackers," mercenaries equipped with time travel devices, to snatch people from the past, just prior to the moment of their deaths, for use as substitute bodies.

Those who resist being used as substitute bodies are, of course, the titular "freejacks." One of these freejacks is a Formula One racecar driver snatched up from 1991, played by none other than Emilio Estevez, being chased down by the ruthless mercenary, Mick Jagger. Yes, Mick Jagger. If that's what 2009 has in store, sign me up. Then again, you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get . . .

2009 Lost Memories (2002)
This is a scifi action thriller from South Korea, taking place in an alternate 2009 where the Koreas are still part of the Japanese empire. The plot involves terrorists, an archaeological artifact of some kind, and, eventually, trying to restore history to its rightful path. More importantly, however, the plot also seems to involve a couple of good-looking Korean guys, which is always a plus of sorts.

I Am Legend (2007)
Although the film primarily takes place in 2012, it begins in 2009, when a supposed cure for cancer doesn't go quite as well as planned. Will Smith, welcome to the zombie apocalypse. (Using the term "zombie" kind of loosely, I guess.)

Cloverfield (2008)
The film takes place on May 22, 2009, presented as a recovered camcorder found in what used to be Central Park. This camcorder tracks the attack of a giant monster in New York City from the point of view of five people attending a going-away party. Here's where you make a note to avoid the city on May 22.

Eagle Eye (2008)
The events occur between January and April, as Shia LaBeouf plays a young guy terrorized by a terrorist organization, teaming up with a single mother (Michelle Monaghan) to do whatever the voice on the telephone tells them, in the hope of getting out alive. Meanwhile, Billy Bob Thorton and Rosario Dawson play the feds trying to get to the bottom of all this.


Family Matters: "Father of the Bride" (Season 5, Episode 17, 1994)
Carl falls asleep and wakes up fifteen years in the future (2009), where his daughter, Laura, has married Urkel and given birth to four little Urkels. Talk about a disheartening vision of the year 2009. (Especially since they all seem to play the accordion . . .)

Charmed: "Morality Bites" (Season 2, Episode 2, 1999)
Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano) has a vision of her own death: burning at the stake on February 26, 2009. The three sisters then travel ten years into the future and see their future selves, with Prue as a single workaholic, Piper as a divorced mother, and Phoebe, well, burning at the stake. At least they all now have really good answers to the question, "Where do you see yourself in ten years?"

Blue Gender (1999-2000)
In this anime, Yuji Kaido is diagnosed with a disease called the "B-cells" and therefore put into a cryogenic state in 2009. When he's brought out of it twenty-two years later, however, he finds himself in a world where heavily armored soldiers are fighting a war with "insectoid beings" known as the Blue. As it turns out, the soldiers are from a place called Second Earth and are also trying to recover any left behind humans, known as "sleepers."

Batman Beyond: "Out of the Past" (Season 3, Episode 5, 2000)
As it turns out, back in '09, Batman had a run-in with Ra's Al Ghul that was loving referred to as the "Near Apocalypse of 09." Although, since the series takes place in the future, it's good to know that it was only a near apocalypse. Meanwhile, Ra's Al Ghul is once again voiced by David Warner, who is, scientifically speaking, constructed entirely out of awesome.

Dark Angel (2000-2002)
At the age of nine, the genetically-enhanced supersoldier-in-training, Max Guevara, escapes from their secret government training center with a group of her peers. That same year, an electromagnetic pulse destroys the country's computers and communications, thereby throwing us into chaos and disorder. Ten years later, the country still isn't what it was and Max (now Jessica Alba) is still trying to avoid the secret government organization that created her.

The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007-present)
The series takes place a year and a half after the Doctor Who episode "School Reunion," thereby placing it in 2009. Elisabeth Sladen reprises the role of Sarah Jane Smith, former companion to the Doctor. This time around, she's fighting aliens with the aid of her adopted son, Luke (Tommy Knight), and a few other neighborhood kids, not to mention Mr. Smith, a giant, flashy, sentient computer. The series is intended as a more child-friendly, lighthearted counterpart to Doctor Who, and the Brigadier himself appeared on the show in the two-part story "Enemy of the Bane."


The Year of the Quiet Sun by Wilson Tucker (1970)
Set partially in 2009, the novel is about (according to Wikipedia):

Brian Chaney is a demographer and futurist approached while on vacation with the news that his contract has been purchased and he is required for a physical survey of the future via a secretly constructed time displacement vehicle. At a military installation south of Joliet, Illinois, the reluctant Chaney is teamed with two diversely talented military officers and a civilian liaison.

The Postman by David Brin (1985)
Set in a post-apocalyptic country, Gordon Krantz dons a postal uniform for lack of better clothes, and finds people desperate to believe that he is, in fact, an actual postman. As he travels about the country, he assumes the persona of the postman in order to help keep hope alive. The novel was made into a film in 1997 (and set in 2013), directed by and starring Kevin Costner.

Research by Nick Denton