Now that Watchmen has made it to theaters, we need a new SF film to be threatened by legal action. Thankfully, Terminator: Salvation has stepped up to the plate... and into the courtroom.

Salvation producer Moritz Borman has started legal action against fellow producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek (as well as their production company, Halcyon), claiming breach of contract and fraud, according to a lawsuit filed on Friday in Los Angeles. Borman is claiming that Anderson and Kubicek "hijacked" the production of McG's new Terminator, failed to pay Borman his agreed-upon fee, and have defaulted on loans necessary to the funding of the movie, and is seeking $160 million in damages as a result of the lawsuit.


Warner Bros., who have American distribution rights to the movie, have not commented on the lawsuit, but must be feeling as if they've been cursed when it comes to legally-actionable science fiction movies this year.

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