Now Illinois has something else going for it in addition to that Sufjan Stevens album that isn't as good as it should've been; the Prairie State has declared that Pluto is still, officially, a planet.

The Illinois State Senate has resolved that not only was Pluto's 2006 downgrading to a dwarf planet unfair, but that they're revoking it, and that - for as long as Pluto passes over Illinois - it will regain "full planetary status," as awarded by the state. And that's not all; March 13th has been officially designated "Pluto Day" in the state, to celebrate the date of the (dwarf) planet's discovery in 1930. Sure, it may only be one state now, but you know what they always say*: "As goes Illinois, so go the rest of the United States."

(* - This may not be true.)

Illinois plutocrats are frakkin' goof [Discover Magazine]