Well, yet another Sunday is upon us. You all do anything this weekend? See any movies? Was it a disaster? NO IT WASN'T! Let's do this!!

Doing their darndest to blow all possible trust they've earned after a few good flicks (Yes I loved Punisher: War Zone) they've concocted this for some unknown reason.

Speaking of Marvel, writer Matt Fraction (who I believe also lead M.A.S.K. if I'm not mistaken, which I am) let us know that he intentionally used his magic laptop, which turns his fiction into reality, to conjure a nightmare political scenario for the LGBT community. He writes a story for X-Men about Mutants not being able to marry one another and BOOM it happens in the real world with gays. Not a very nice thing to do, but at least us nerds get cool images like this that I found in the Sacremento Bee of a protest at the State Capitol. TRASK!!!!


Speaking of Prop 8. Boy did those Yes on 8 ads get out of hand.

Speaking of bizarre yet intriguing sexual fantasies with fictional characters... Terminator went on a mini blitz this week with stills and a new trailer that showed us a brand new model of Terminator. Apparently SkyNet has given up on trying to eradicate humanity and is going to settle for seriously weirding us the fuck out.

Here is John Connor, so handsome with his short hair, and his sexy redheaded pregnant lady-friend, receiving intel on the new Terminator.

And Chekov dealing with one in action.

OH! And speaking of Terminator... They released a new trailer this week. How do I feel about it? Let me see.