Hollywood production company 1492 has acquired the rights to blood-soaked comic Welcome to Hoxford, by renowned horror madman Ben "30 Days of Night" Templesmith. Get ready for fanged madness that will mangle your soul.

Welcome to Hoxford is about an asylum where all the most violent inmates wind up, but never leave. When a psychiatrist investigates, she discovers the asylum has been privatized by a mysterious corporation and won't give up any information about its wards - even to their former doctors. Gradually, we discover that the asylum is being run by a pack of werewolves, whose lust for carnage matches the inmates'.


1492, the company that bought the rights to the comic from IDW, is run by Chris Colombus, director of two Harry Potter movies as well as producer of other kid-friendly fare like Night at the Museum and Fantastic Four. It's hard to imagine the author of Goonies digging into the entrails of Templesmith's sick imagination, so let's hope he hands this one off to a director who can deliver the gore. Because when it comes to gore, Templesmith is my personal god. Or demon. Whatever.

via Variety