NBC's Heroes is going to make it to a fourth season after all. There is an upside, though; if reports are true, the season will be shorter than usual.

NBC's entertainment president Angela Bromstad confirmed that the network plans to bring the show back for a fourth season yesterday... but admitted that that season was likely to be 18-20 episodes, instead of the usual 23+ episodes required for a season. Bromstad also, according to the Hollywood Reporter, admitted that NBC has discussed setting a date for concluding Heroes, and constructing the remaining episodes with a view to creating an overarching storyline, a la Lost and Battlestar Galactica... all of which sounds like there may be hope for the (admittedly, currently-floundering) show after all. Now I'm even more intrigued to see what impact Bryan Fuller's return has on the show, when his episodes start airing in a few weeks.

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