The band whose members believe they're made up of computers and robot parts is generating the soundtrack for Disney's light-cycling sequel. That's right — Daft Punk is musically digitizing Tron 2.0.

Billboard has confirmed the online rumors that Daft Punk will be donning the dayglo unitards over their leather robo exteriors, and giving the gamers a run for their money, musically speaking. This is certainly an obvious move for fans who love robots and music, but a rather bold step for Disney. But I'm sure once Daft Punk composes the lead track for Tron 2 that becomes the ipod commercial anthem like "Technologic," well, there will be no escaping it.


Me personally, I'm not the biggest fan of Daft Punk any more, since Human After All. But I love how they've been working with new artists to strengthen their style. So in that sense I really do think that Daft Punk can help elevate Tron from the retro world into the future, plus they generate one hell of a song when they hit the mark. I'm just a wee bit worried about studio meddling. Either way, I have no doubt that they will produce at least one track that you'll never forget.