Before you accuse writer Matt Fraction of ripping off California's Proposition 8 anti-gay-marriage controversy for his new X-Men story surrounding the anti-mutant Proposition X, wait just a minute; you've got all it backwards, apparently.

Talking to about the upcoming storyline in Marvel's Uncanny X-Men about an amendment to the California constitution denying mutants the right to reproduce, Fraction explained:

You know, I've officially become one of those writers that writes something and then-a couple of months later-it really happens. I thought only Grant Morrison and Alan Moore wrote things and then they actually occurred... This is one of the dilemmas of writing contemporary science fiction; we started planning and writing out these stories close to two years ago. Simon Trask and Prop X had been written into our plans before I had even heard of Prop 8. Were I a California resident-that may have been different; it's just one of those strange synchronicities.

On the plus side, if this track record holds true, then San Francisco can also look forward to becoming invaded by a team of beautiful-but-evil super-villainesses; Fraction's "Sisterhood of Evil Mutants" make their diabolical debut in next month's issue. If the city survives that, then maybe Matt could write about Prop 8 - I mean, "Prop X" - being repealed sometime soon? Please?

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