How badly is NASA being run? According a US Government report, worse than you may think, with more than 50% of programs over-budget and past-deadline... and some of the others having no deadline at all.

According to New Scientist, a new report from the Government Accountability Office looked at 18 separate NASA programs, and found that five of those were operating without any deadline whatsoever, and only three of those with deadlines had managed to meet them and stay within budget. Amongst those ruining NASA's reputation, the Mars Science Laboratory is running 25 months behind schedule and 26% over original cost estimates, and the Glory climate satellite is a staggering 53% over budget.


Of course, while things like time-management and accounting may not be rocket science, the same is true in reverse, and obviously budgets and schedules are likely to be tentative at the start of projects. But with this amount of overspending and underperforming, NASA really doesn't come out of this looking too good. Maybe they should just stick with the whole "No particular deadline or budget" thing in future, to save face if nothing else.

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