Everyone is a buzz about the J.J. Abrams' Avatar T-shirt at WonderCon this weekend. Not only did he tease fans with Cloverfield sequel talk, but his outfit contained secrets from James Cameron's new alien movie.

Here's a little video from the panel and you can hear him talking about Cloverfield 2 (please let this happen) and see the T-shirt in action.

But what does it all mean, J.J.? According to the site MarketSaw, it's:

exploded parts schematic of the Power Suits (as referred to in the scriptment).

A Power Suit, you say? Are these "power suits" in this Avatar set pic prey tell? Will our human heroes have to walk about in this suit, or will this be the gadget that makes their Avatars?

Picture from 2009 WonderCon Flickr share via, Inkyhack.