Get a better look at the zombie horror film Pontypool, with four new clips that show why words are deadly. Plus, find out if any blood-soaked Spanish apartments are for available in Rec 2.

First up this week is a movie I've been excited about since it's been filming, Pontypool. This survival film, where certain words in the English language can turn the speaker into a zombie, focuses in on one lone DJ who listens while a Canadian town falls into undead darkness. We've got a batch of new clips that are a little spoilery, so beware. Pontypool opens in limited theaters on May 29th.

New Trailer:

Welcome To The Beacon:

A Reporter Live In The Field (But Not For Long):

Some Words Are Infected:

We Are Here:

Rec 2
Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza are back for this Rec sequel. There are very few details right now but, from the teaser below, it looks like the movie is taking place right after the original Spanish film ended. Does this mean we're going to get a Quarantine 2 as well?


A nice family has just moved into an evil apartment where the television dictates what you see, and not in a "I deleted your TIVO" kind of way. The poor saps are slowly manipulated and bullied by the telly, until they take it out.