Whether actual gods or just godlike, here are five comic book characters that it's probably better not to get on the bad side of. And if you'd like to worship them, that might help, too.

Comic books are full of men and women with amazing superpowers and uncanny abilities, but what about those even more powerful? Take a look at some of our favorite cosmic entities, quasi-deities, and a couple who just ought to be:

1. Darkseid (DC Comics)
Okay, so maybe his debut appearance was in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (not exactly the most impressive of origins), but he's come a long way since then. Once the second in line to rule dystopian torture-planet Apokolips, Darkseid is now pretty much officially the most powerful of the New Gods - and, in the recent Final Crisis, someone who managed to destroy reality as we know it. Not only ridiculously strong and annoyingly indestructible, he's also telekinetic, telepathic, and a pretty darned impressive military strategist. (He also no longer looks like Jack Palance, who was said to be the original inspiration for his appearance. This is only debatably an improvement.)

2. Apocalypse (Marvel Comics)
As if just being called Apocalypse isn't enough, this Egyptian science geek has a list of powers longer than he rightfully ought to (like shapeshifting, teleportation and invulnerability). Not to mention the immortality. And technology from onetime creators of humanity, the robotic Celestials. And the intelligence and wisdom that you can't help but gain from being over 5000 years old. Maybe you could try to claim that he isn't exactly a "cosmic entity," but I wouldn't say that to his face. (Besides, his name is Apocalypse. So. Hardcore.)

3. Lodovica (Sky Doll, Soliel Productions)
Lodovica is the leader of one of the two warring papacies in this very strange (yet strangely beautiful) comic, which has been released in English translation by Marvel. According to Wikipedia, she's:

The power-mad ruler who strives to keep the faith of the populace through any means possible, whether by creating the illusion of divine power or by distracting them with the erotica of the Sky Dolls.

Hey, when you're the pope (or papess) of your own religion whose main weapons are false divinity and distracting erotica, you're not doing too bad. And even if you aren't technically divine, if you can convince everyone you're a deity, you're close enough.

4. God (Battle Pope, Image Comics)
First off, there's no denying God his deity status; he's kind of the guy that invented it. Set in after the Final Judgement, life is literally Hell on Earth, and all God's really got to protect us from the demon hordes is the Pope, a cigar-smoking womanizer. God himself, however, is delightfully sardonic and has a seemingly endless flowing beard. He also isn't afraid to get into a cosmic smackdown with the Pope if he feels the need, and seriously? That's pretty awesome. Plus, God can pull out the whole deus ex machina act and get away with it. And he doesn't even need the machina. (Additionally, Jesus is an endearing slacker type to the point where you almost expect him to take up bowling and carry around some Creedence tapes.)

5. Mr. Mxyzptlk (DC Comics)
Sure, all these guys have nigh-unlimited power, but Mxyzptlk here is the only who seems to have so much fun with his. Call him what you will - jester, imp, trickster - but this derby-hatted fellow from the fifth dimension has a ball messing with our world here in the third dimension, especially at the expense of poor Superman. His power is essentially unlimited and basically (but not technically) magical, and the only way to (temporarily) send him back home is to trick him into saying his name backwards. Lucky for us, we're just his playground.

Runner-Up: Lobo (DC Comics)
Okay, Lobo's no deity or great cosmic entity, but he'd probably like to think he is. Besides, he'd fit pretty well into a bunch of Norse myths, what with the killing and the violence and the dismemberment and all. More than that, however, he became an Archbishop of First Celestial Church of the Triple-Fish God, where he wears an awesome get-up and hangs out with space dolphins. Of course, he killed the fish god, so he basically wins all around.