Celebrity Jedi Chefs is the best galaxy-spanning culinary encounter of all time. The site rounds up all the very best genre actors and trains them in the art of Jedi cooking.

Jedi Chefs is run by Jedi Master Chef 002 Neil Davidson, and I'm not sure how he does it (clearly he is a Master Jedi) but he's managed to round up every single actor I adore from Lost, Heroes, BSG, Firefly and Stargate. I could go on, but the pictures demonstrate it much better:

So who are the Jedi Chefs?

We Jedi Chefs are just like 'normal' Jedi, but we also cook.
The hierarchy of the Jedi Chef Order is as follows:
There are many JCAs (Jedi Chef Apprentices). JCAs are the 'workers' of the Order, dividing their time between carrying out menial (but necessary) tasks and training to become JMCs (Jedi Master Chefs) . All JCAs aspire to ascend to JMC status. The JMCs are the warriors, technicians and heavy drinkers of the Order. Selected JMCs form the Jedi Chef Senate. This august body handles the running of the entire Jedi Chef Order, from debating important policy decisions down to day-to-day budget issues. A small subset of the Senate constitute the secretive Jedi Chef Council. Operating behind the scenes and outside the "regular channels", the Council is able to covertly and expertly steer the Order towards further greatness.

Well, we're not really sure what it's all about, but we approve and want to be there so, so, so badly. Thanks to Eat Me Daily for pointing this out.